Air France resumes daily flights between Aberdeen and Paris


A major airline has announced that it will begin operating a daily service between Aberdeen and Paris.From today, flights operated by Air France Hop will operate between Granite City and Charles de Gaulle airport.

It will use an Embraer 170 aircraft to carry 76 passengers.

The flight with a night stopover allows a day return between the two cities, as well as a connection to the airline’s hub at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Passengers will be able to connect to nearly 170 destinations on the network.

This reflects 85% of the airline’s usual global network and is subject to the lifting of travel restrictions.

In response to Covid-19, Air France has implemented new hygiene measures to ensure the health safety of all passengers and crew.

The measures include the compulsory wearing of surgical masks during travel.

In addition, the air in the cabin is renewed every 3 minutes.

The air recycling system on Air France aircraft is equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, identical to those used in hospital operating theaters.

Aberdeen International Airport has introduced a series of health measures to provide a safe environment for staff and passengers as services resume.

Passengers traveling through the airport should be prepared with their own face covers while all staff will be provided with PPE, including face masks.

Protective screens have been installed in key areas, including check-in and security halls, and passengers will be encouraged to observe a safe physical distance where possible.

To learn more about the improved measures in place at Aberdeen International Airport, visit:


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