AGNU 2020: French Macron praises UAE “courageous”


French President Emmanuel Macron hailed the “courageous negotiations” by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to help bring stability to the region.In a UN speech that covered all aspects of the Middle East, Macron said he was happy that Israel was recognized by the two Arab states.

“It is a legitimate recognition and it is also a gauge of hope for the future of a lasting and just peace,” he told the United Nations General Assembly.

“First and foremost, it requires decisive negotiations that will allow the Palestinians to finally enjoy their rights.

“There is no alternative to courageous negotiations, which will in turn require agreement on the thorniest issues. ”

Mr. Macron said that for Israel, Syria and Palestine “a credible and lasting political solution is the only way to eradicate terrorism and bring regional peace to the Middle East”.

“It is a demand first of all for the Israelis and the Palestinians, but also for all of us,” he said.

In his 45-minute speech, Mr. Macron referred to the establishment of a “Pax Mediterranea” in the area where Turkey and Greece are increasingly hostile on maritime territory.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had previously indicated in his speech at the UN that he would ignore international law.

Mr Macron replied: “We respect Turkey, we are ready to dialogue with Turkey, but we expect Turkey to respect European sovereignty, international law and provide clarification on its actions in Libya and Syria. . ”

He declared that “insults are futile” and have “no place in responsible relations between states”.

Europe was ready to enter into dialogue with Turkey to build peace in the eastern Mediterranean, “but not at the cost of intimidation”.

Mr. Macron said that France would still be strongly engaged in the Middle East, “supporting Iraqi sovereignty and will stand alongside its partners in the Sahel” to defeat Daesh.

But he said “the end of the territorial caliphate is not the end of the war” against ISIS and that France will continue to fight terrorists alongside its regional partners.

“I also recall the essential role played by Iraq and the Iraqis, and the role they will continue to play in the struggle,” Macron said.

“This is why France supports all the initiatives that Iraq is undertaking today and will continue to do so for its sovereignty and its role in the fight against terrorism. ”

Referring to the damage caused by Hezbollah in Lebanon, he condemned “the misguided ways of the Lebanese political class”.

But Mr. Macron has declared his support for the Lebanese people in the search for peace.

“Lebanon is a treasure for all mankind because it is a kind of exception of democracy and pluralism, in a region which is pushed by terrorism and hegemonic powers”, he declared.

He said if the nuclear deal between the world powers and Iran was abandoned, as the United States had done, it would “further exacerbate tensions in the region.”

“It’s up to us to make sure that Iran never has access to a nuclear weapon, but also to make sure that we provide a response to Iran’s ballistic activities and its destabilization in the region,” he said. Mr Macron said.

Updated: September 23, 2020 12:03 AM


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