After losing 35 pounds, Ayesha Curry shares her daily diet


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Ayesha Curry gives fans a taste of her daily diet.

The 31-year-old actor and cookbook author married to NBA star Stephen Curry recently revealed that she has lost 35 pounds and is now breaking down the healthy foods that help her stay in shape. .

In a new video for Harper’s Bazaar, Curry talks about her approach to nutrition and reveals that training has become more important to her over time.

“Fitness was not really a part of my lifestyle and I would say that over the last year and a half after having all of my kids it has really become a staple for me and it helps me have mental clarity. She said. “I feel in the best shape of my life. I feel happier when I work out. So I try to train at least five days a week. ”

Curious about what Curry eats on a typical day? Here is her typical daily regimen:


Curry’s day begins with a cup of fresh coffee and she brews the caffeinated drink in different ways depending on whether or not she has fasted.

“If I am fasting intermittently, I will do it with a little coconut oil, pasture butter and MCT oil, which is for your brain and for you to function,” she explained. .

On days when she’s not fasting, the 31-year-old prefers to pour a splash of Coffee-mate’s French vanilla cream in a super strong brew.

The mother of three usually only eats breakfast on weekends and has a proven meal that she loves to cook.

“I love a good smoked salmon scramble. This is something I put in my first cookbook “The Seasoned Life” and I still eat it to this day, “she says, adding that she slowly cooks the scrambled eggs and adds some dill. , salt and pepper before mixing the smoked salmon at the very end.

“The Seasoned Life”, by Ayesha Curry

“Seasoned Life”, by Ayesha Curry

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Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well (Tastes) (Amazon / Amazon)

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To stay hydrated throughout the day, Curry loves to sip on hot water. “I’m not a big fan of ice water. I don’t know why, ”she said.


Like many busy moms, Curry often finds it difficult to squeeze in time to eat a midday meal. When she has a few moments for lunch, the author usually likes to train first and goes for a salad (arugula or spinach) with a seared protein on the side like shrimp, salmon or tuna.

“I love a good poppy seed dressing on my salad, a little red onion in there, a pinch of salt and pepper, and some sort of chocolate protein shake,” she says.

The TV personality doesn’t snack a lot, but when she’s hungry she usually goes for banana chips, cucumbers, or carrot sticks.

“My family is probably laughing watching this right now because I go through banana chips like crazy,” she says.

Ayesha Curry opens up about new magazine and life with quarantined Steph Curry

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Having dinner

Dinner time in the Curry House is around 7 p.m., just before the kids go to bed, and it’s the meal the 31-year-old puts the most effort into.

“This is where I focus when it comes to cooking a meal for my family. It’s not breakfast, it’s not lunch, it’s definitely dinner because it’s the time when I know we’re going to sit around the table together, ”she said. .

“The full plate”, by Ayesha Curry

“The full plate”, by Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry standing in front of a pizza

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  • “The Full Plate,” by Ayesha Curry $ 19.19 at Amazon
  • “The Full Plate”, by Ayesha Curry $ 19.19 at Walmart

The cookbook author’s latest book, “The Full Plate,” focuses on quick meal recipes like 20-minute stovetop dinners, pasta dishes, and simple steak dinners. And Curry says she’s always on the lookout for “quick, simple, and easy” meal options.

“(The cookbook) is a really great reflection of my current life,” she said.

Whenever she can, Curry loves to honor her Jamaican roots in her cooking and she especially enjoys whipping up a traditional dish.

“My favorite dish to cook is oxtail rice, peas and fried plantain,” she says. “Again, I’m Jamaican, it’s my heritage, it’s the food I grew up with. It gives me so much comfort and joy when I do. ”

While she tries to eat healthy whenever she can, Curry admits that she is only human and that she likes to have fun every once in a while. For example, ketchup chips and donuts are two of her guilty pleasures, and she also digs mezcal margaritas with maple syrup and cocktails like sour whiskey.

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