AEW Dark recap (September 1, 2020): Cocky Brandi Rhodes threatens Anna Jay


Episode 49 of AEW shade presented Santana & Ortiz with suggestive delicacy for Trent’s mother, Brando Rhodes gets sassy and the Mega Losers explode.

Here is the list of rankings (watch, solid, okay, pass) for which matches are worth Dynamite:

  • Eddie Taurus vs. Shawn Spears (pass)
  • Santana & Ortiz vs Faboo Andre & Ryzin (okay, the post-match promo is worth watching)
  • Allie vs Cassandra Golden (d’accord)
  • Frankie Kazarian vs. Angelico (solid)
  • Brandi Rhodes interview (watch)
  • Donnie Primetime and Ryan Rembrandt vs. Billy and Austin Gunn (pass)
  • Dani Jordyn vs. Abadon (okay)
  • Ricky Starks vs. Tony Donati (Okay)
  • Jurassic Express vs. Jon Cruz & David Ali (Okay)
  • Anna Jay vs. Red Velvet (okay)
  • Shawn Dean vs. Kip Sabian (okay)
  • The Initiative vs Private Party (solide)

The highlights of this episode were the promotions of Brandi and Santana & Ortiz. Kazarian vs Angelico was the best match as an interesting style clash with some nifty submission work. The Initiative vs Private Party is worth watching if you care about Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler breaking up. Anna Jay vs Red Velvet is good to have an eye to see what Brandi faces.

Watch the show here.

Excalibur returned to the announcements table. He teamed up with Taz to call the action. Justin Roberts was the ring announcer.

Eddie Taurus contre Shawn Spears

Tully Blanchard was at ringside. Spears was arrogant and strutted for the second week in a row. I guess his focused attitude that I enjoyed so much against Will Hobbs was an aberration. However, Spears was still aggressive.

In that game, Spears’ weak spot was playing the crowd on corner punches. Taurus escaped and smashed Spears face into the turnbuckles. Taurus went for the same corner strike tactic, but Spears picked it up for an atomic drop. A C4 came a short time later for Spears to win. Then, Spears parried Taurus with a punch loaded with black gloves.

Santana and Ortiz vs. Faboo Andre and Ryzin

Domination with a small variation of the Powerbomb finish by Santana and Ortiz. Santana made a suicide dive in Ryzin. Ortiz bombarded Andre then rolled him up so Santana could hit through the ropes on the apron. Ortiz pinned Andre for the win.

Santana and Ortiz cut a post-game promo messing up Trent’s mom. Santana laughed as she said best friends pushed balls big enough to catch them last week. He likes them to have combat and heart. That way, they’ll feel a lot better when they send their asses home to cry. Ortiz wanted them to tell Sue to stop pressing her phone. Think of those drawers he left her as a gift.

Allie vs. Cassandra Golden

QT Marshall was at ringside. Allie took control early, struggled for a moment after a spinning side slam, then bounced back to win with a running bulldog and a Rabbit Hole elbow.

The real story was his dissatisfaction with QT. Allie was annoyed that QT took too long to remove her jacket before the game. During the fight, Allie wanted a kiss on the cheek then pulled back to whip her hair into her face. She also asked to be picked up from the ground and placed on the apron. At least Allie gave QT a kiss during his end of the race. All’s well that ends well, right?

Behind the scenes, Santana and Ortiz have been ambushed by best friends. They got into a fight and then the camera cut as the show continued.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Angelico

It was an all-in match with classic skills. Angelico used various submissions to stifle Kazarian.

At one point, Kaz grabbed the ropes for a break. Angelico mocked him with laughs and a kick to encourage more action on the ground. Kaz finally gained momentum with a flurry of dropkicks. In the end, Kaz escaped a Razor’s Edge Loop Bomb to hook up on a reverse DDT for the win.

Brandi Rhodes interview

Tony Schiavone had a chat with Brandi and best-selling Lil Bran Bran action figure on stage. Schiavone asked for his reaction after losing the women’s tag team tournament The Deadly Draw and also being choked out by Anna Jay after Mr. Brodie Lee won the TNT Championship from Cody Rhodes.

Brandi replied that most people would be upset if they lost a tournament designed for their success, but most people wouldn’t. However, Brandi is quite disturbed that a Nightmare Factory intern decided to listen to Daddy Brodie and attack when she has her back turned to him.

Anna is pretty, but being pretty doesn’t mean shit. The only thing that matters is being smart. Brandi doesn’t trust Anna’s intelligence level after joining a goon team. She credits Anna with being bold and tackling the top of the food chain. The problem is, when you go for the queen, you better not miss out. Brandi is still there. Walking, talking, confident and arrogant like never before. Anna better not miss again or her ass will be sent back to the Nightmare Factory.

Donnie Primetime and Ryan Rembrandt vs. Billy and Austin Gunn

Squash won by the Austin Hip Throw Neck Cutter.

Dani Jordyn contre Abadon

Abadon hammered the knee and never let go. Jodryn submitted a single-leg vine submission.

Ricky Starks contre Tony Donati

Donati frustrated Starks at first with a series of roll-ups before Starks took over. Donati took advantage of Starks’ arrogance for another wave of attack, but Starks righted the ship to win with reverse powerslam.

Jurassic Express vs. Jon Cruz and David Ali

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus represented Jurassic Express. Marko Stunt was at ringside on crutches selling Jake Hager’s punches last week. Jurassic Express had little problem in the victory. Jungle Boy pinned Cruz after a teamwork cutter.

Anna Jay vs. Red Velvet

Dark Order was on stage for Anna’s entry and then came out before the game. Red Velvet accelerated until she eats a kick. Jay made it ugly on the floor by whipping Velvet into the railing. After two kicks in the ring, Jay squeezed a bare back choke to win.

Shawn Dean contre Kip Sabian

Penelope Ford was at ringside. Dean almost scored the surprise with a DDT, but Sabian bounced back to win via a twisted neck cutter hanging from a rope.

The initiative vs the private party

Leva Bates was at ringside. Strong early teamwork from Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler. Avalon had a nifty streak of a springboard crossbody, clothesline, suicide dive, slam, and then a split-legged moonsault. It was not enough, however. The match continued.

Bates tried to lend a helping hand with a hurricane on the apron, but Marq Quen turned it into a spring to avoid the impact. In the end, Private Party did a blind beacon before Cutler logged in on a 450 splash. Cutler pinned Quen, but Isiah Kassidy rushed for the victory.

After the game, the Mega Losers exploded. Avalon was fed up with failure and blind Cutler. He smashed that big D&D dice prop on Cutler’s head.

Taz closed it by giving me a case of the laughs. Excalibur observed, “I think we’ve seen the Initiative completely split up here. Sombre. Taz quickly replied, “Good. They never won.

This Brandi Rhodes promo was something else. The content was great. The delivery oozed arrogance, and I think that could be a problem. Who am I supposed to be cheering for? Anna Jay is on the side of evil, and Brandi’s current character has no redeeming value. If Brandi didn’t have the goodwill to be Cody’s wife, then she wouldn’t have any sympathy.

Another problem with Brandi’s promotion is that she doesn’t have the combat skills to back up her threats. No one is afraid of Brandi. All she has is a spear and a few kicks. After Jay’s performance, I see footsteps on the sidewalk and another bare back choke in Brandi’s future. Despite these observations, I am amused and deeply intrigued to see this feud unfold.

So, did Ortiz just say he slept with Trent’s mom? I don’t know why she would have her underwear. I guess he could have left them in the broken van, or maybe Jake Hager made a personal delivery for his Inner Circle cohort. Sleeping with Sue is definitely not the tactic I would take, but I guess all is fair in wrestling warfare. The bottom line is that it added even more fire to their feud and Wednesday night’s squad clash on Dynamite between Santana & Ortiz and the best friends.

It was nice to see Angelico use his submissive prowess in the singles action. Most of these locks, if not all, were learned under the tutelage of Negro Navarro. Abadon was impressive with growth in the ring. She executed a strategy to show that she’s not just a foolish zombie.

For NXT’s 60 minute Iron Man match countdown, I was hoping for a 60 minute Iron Man match between Peter Avalon and Brandon Cutler. Their breakup now gives me hope that it could happen next week. This story has been brewing for a very long time. Avalon and Cutler deserve a feature match on Sombre. Let them compete for an hour to see who really is the loser the loser of the losers.

We will end with a very important message from Kip Sabian. # CropTop2020.

Share your thoughts on Sombre. Who stood out the most for episode 49?


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