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It only took over 30 days from Big Brother 22 – but we finally have a traditional Big Brother game with the lies, fights, and tears that come with every season. Sadly – this season has been such a mess so far – that many of us still aren’t impressed with this “All-Star” version of BB – but at least it’s going in the right direction.

There have also been a lot of questionable comments and actions from several players this week that were unrelated to the game. It is sad considering all of these players know the impact of their words to the game. interior of the house affects their image outside the house. I’m not going to ‘name names’ – but I’m glad the production stepped in and told them to calm down by making fun of Ian’s rod / rocker. If you don’t know who said what, a simple Google search will solve this problem.

Ok – back to the game chat (not the personal chat or the personal game chat) – the house is definitely rocking and hopefully this week we’ll see more games and less ‘go with it’ nonsense. the House”.

But first, let’s hand out bacon and tofu to these guests to find out how they played this week.

Enzo Palumbo – 4 bacon strips – yo, this house is crazy yo. I don’t wanna be in the middle of the damn yo – so I’m just gonna sit back and relax. Want to hear another funny story about the crazy shit I was doing with you? (that’s Enzo speaking for – I’m going to let the others blow up their games, and I’m just going to walk to the end)

Nicole Franzel – 3 Bacon Strips – despite all the hate Nicole brings out of the house by the fan base on Twitter – she did one of the nicest things of the season. Giving up 5K for a punishment shows us that Nicole isn’t pure evil. There was speculation that she did this knowing it would give her more screen time while in one outfit (AGAIN) – but after the negative fallout from Kaysar’s speech – it was a good fit. to minimize this even if everything was for the game and not at all personal.

Cody Calafiore – 2 Bacon strips – first of all – our condolences to the Calafiore family on the loss of Cody’s grandfather this week. After a stressful week where Cody was called out with a whisper for running the house, culminating in Kaysar’s scorching speech calling him even worse – after Thursday he seemed to fade into the background. None of the dramas this week had anything to do with him, and he stayed out of that and let the others cast their own games.

Da’Vonne Rogers – 1 Bacon Band – Da’Vonne was guilty by association due to her proximity to Bayleigh, and ended up on the block. She was never the target and she said and did everything she should have done in the position she was in, not rock the boat and move the target on herself. She was able NOT to do this while standing for her friend all week. If it was the Da’Vonne S17 or S18 – we might have seen even more fireworks this week – but this season – she’s got her eyes on the big prize. To think about it, 1 correct answer in the HoH final round would have had a completely different play this week. If Christmas can go from survival to blockade in HoH – why can’t Da’Vonne do it this week (please, please, please)

Memphis Garrett – 0 tapes of anything – let’s face it – if you’re a CBS-only viewer, you probably forgot he was in the house. If you’re a Feedster watching BB after 7 p.m., you’ve probably forgotten he’s in the house. I can’t give bacon or tofu to someone who hasn’t done anything this week. He didn’t help or hurt his game this week – he just existed somehow

Ian Terry – 1 Tofu Strip – last week we saw Ian & Kaysar finally figure it all out with wedding rings around the house. Although Kaysar already knew the gist of it – and Ian was assisted by the whisper. But what did Ian do with this information? Absolutely nothing. Similar to Enzo, he does everything he can to stay away from the drama. Unfortunately for him, Enzo has protection around him, and Ian does not.

Dani Donato – 2 strips of tofu – as George Costanza said to Jerry Seinfeld when he was about to do a polygraph… “It’s not a lie if you believe it. I’m not sure if Dani realizes how much she’s lied in this game, but one thing is for sure – she thinks the whole season is about her. When there was a bit of “madness” with Tyler wanting to come home – of course she thought there was a plot to backdoor her. Do you know who becomes suspect – the culprits.

Bayleigh Dayton – 3 strips of tofu and 1 strip of bacon – this girl had a weeklong roller coaster. Bayleigh ended up on the OR this week because of a conversation she initiated and doesn’t see it was a big mistake on her part. Asking Noel who her “untouchable” is and when she didn’t respond, instead of responding to Da’Vonne – Bay should have said “YOU and Da’Vonne”. You never, ever ever tell someone that another player is higher on your totem pole. I’m going to give her a strip of bacon, however, for the way she behaved during the Christmas showdown. She didn’t back down, but neither did she get aggressive or turn around against her. More on this later

Kevin Campbell – 4 Tofu Strips – I really thought Kevin had turned the page after last week – but as soon as the week was over – his Debbie Downer character returned and funny eccentric Kevin passed away. He still has a really bad house reading – but he doesn’t play as badly as…. (see below)

David Alexander – 5 Tofu Strips – Did David Really Campaign Against Da’Vonne? Yes. Did David say he was doing this to test the waters and see if there were any cracks? Yes. Does David have any idea how to play Big Brother with 5 weeks left in the game? No!

This brings us to the Tofurkey of the week – and for the 2nd time this season – we saw the HoH win Veto as well. In previous seasons this is usually encountered with 5 strips of bacon. The first time this happened this season, Memphis received 4 strips of tofu for the way he behaved towards David. This time he presents Christmas Abbott with the TotW Prize. What Christmas did wasn’t as bad as the way she did it – and how she continued to make herself look bad in the process. I wonder how she’ll feel when she realizes that her alliance isn’t as loyal to her as it is to them. Her HoHitis has been pretty bad – considering it’s the 2nd HoH she’s won in her BB career doing absolutely nothing!

If you’ve noticed – I haven’t given Tyler Crispen any ratings this week – because I don’t know what the motivation was for his actions this week. Was he playing, was he serious, was he just testing Christmas loyalty? Did he really ask to leave and if so – was he told he wasn’t going to get paid and that flipped a switch? I wanted to give him the benefit of a doubt and congratulate him for trying to do an altruistic act – but I can’t. I always say GREED is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and is a great motivator / detractor for BB players. I don’t want to speculate on what Tyler said in the DR or in the HoH room when we haven’t seen it for ourselves. We’ll never know exactly what happened – only the producers know – and you know they’ll never willfully tear down someone they hold in such high regard. They still see Tyler as an asset to the show’s reputation, as evidenced by the Wednesday night show’s edit.

Phew – it’s been a tough week ranking players as mentioned in the opening. There were a lot of factors going on that weren’t the gameplay that crept into the game. I think I’m talking for most of us when I say – even BAD Big Brother is better than NO Big Brother.

My question of the week is – at this point in the game – who do you think is in the best place? It’s not who you think will win, or who you cheer for, but who you think is the least threatening to the rest of the HGs.

Let me know what you think of my ranking and answer the question of the week in the comments section below.

Catch me here every week during BB season for my ranking. If you want more of my thoughts during the season. follow me on Twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy – and listen to my podcast – @BigBrothersPod.

From outside Big Brother’s House – I’m Adam Poch – reminding you to “Do to others before they treat you” – have a nice day!


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