Aaron Rodgers still alive and RB rookie dazzles – The Athletic


For the 2020 season, we will be following the most outstanding performances of the main NFL players every week. Not all positions will necessarily be represented and some positions may be over-represented from week to week, but by finding the gems every week we will be looking to make sure we capture the best of the NFL. This week we have some well known signalers, linemen to HOF and newcomers – either by trade or by draft. It’s been a tough week for the passing protectors, but a great week for the skilled players. We’re potentially starting to see a talent-driven shift in the NFL’s dominant coverage in Cover-3 and the placement of quarterback improvisation magicians on the executioners. We may see new trends emerge as the season progresses.

QB Aaron Rodgers, Packers

After years of answering questions about whether or not he refused – and an offseason apparently …


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