Aaron Jones: The Packers are ‘definitely’ better this year


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The Packers have started 2-0 this year, having accumulated 43 points over the Vikings and 42 more against the Lions. After Sunday’s victory, I asked a simple and straightforward question to Packers running back Aaron Jones: Are the Packers better this year?

“Definitely,” Jones said, without hesitation.

He explained that the team knows offense better this year and that players have learned the ins and outs from Matt LaFleur’s playbook. They know how to handle plays the way the plays are meant to be performed, having had time to delve into all the strategies and concepts.

I then asked Jones if quarterback Aaron Rodgers was any different this year. Jones said Rodgers was “more focused”.

This required obvious follow-up. Is Rodgers more focused because the team drafted a first-round quarterback this year?

“It’s not that,” Jones said, explaining that the extra attention comes from the fact that the team came close to the Super Bowl last year and didn’t.

Of course, extra focus wouldn’t be as crucial this year if the Packers had simply, you know, used that first-round pick (and / or the returned fourth-round pick to trade in the first round) on a player other than a quarterback.


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