7 in custody after stabbing Charlie Hebdo


PARIS – Seven people were in custody on Saturday after a stabbing outside the former Paris offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, including the alleged assailant, authorities said.Counterterrorism authorities are investigating what authorities have called an Islamic extremist attack linked to Charlie Hebdo, which lost 12 employees in an al-Qaida attack in 2015. The weekly, which regularly pokes fun at clerics and other public figures, recently published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad which outraged many Muslims.

The alleged assailant in Friday’s knife attack was arrested a month ago for carrying a screwdriver but was not on police radar for Islamic radicalization, Home Secretary Gerald said Darmanin. He said the screwdriver was considered a weapon, but did not explain why.

The suspect arrived in France three years ago as an unaccompanied minor, apparently from Pakistan, but his identity was still being verified, the minister said.

Seven others were arrested in the aftermath of Friday’s attack, but one was released, according to court officials. Five of those in police custody were held in the Paris suburb of Pantin in a residence where the suspect is said to have lived, a police official said.

Two people were injured in Friday’s attack, a woman and a man working at a documentary production company who had gone out for a smoke break.

The Home Secretary admitted security was lacking on the street where Charlie Hebdo was once headquartered, and ordered special protection for all “symbolic sites,” noting in particular Jewish sites around the Yom Kippur holiday. this week-end. A Jewish grocery store was targeted days after the Charlie Hebdo newsroom massacre, in what authorities say were coordinated attacks.

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