2-year-old boy ‘torn apart’ by two guard dogs as his parents celebrated his birthday – World News


A toddler is in critical condition after being torn apart by two dogs that left him bleeding to death.Two-year-old Yegor may have to have his leg amputated as medics fight to keep him alive following the vicious attack at his home in Selydove, Ukraine.

The little boy was found unconscious in a pool of blood outside his house after being mutilated by two guard dogs.

The toddler had strolled outside unnoticed as his parents and some guests gathered at his home to celebrate his second birthday.

Yegor was wandering around the yard when the dogs broke out of their enclosure and attacked him.

The boy was airlifted to hospital

Reports say the boy’s father failed to properly close the German Shepherds’ compound, allowing the dogs to break free.

After realizing that Yegor was missing, they went outside to look for him and found that the dogs were still attacking him.

Charity volunteer Aleksandra Timoshchenkova, who helped the family raise money for Yegor’s treatment, said: “The boy was found unconscious in a pool of blood.

“Dogs were always tearing him apart. ”

Yegor was transported by military helicopter to the town of Dnipro for emergency treatment.

He was admitted to the Dnipro Regional Children’s Hospital, where four teams of surgeons began to fight for his life.

Doctors fight to save two-year-old boy

Police investigate parents

It took doctors five hours to restore his damaged blood vessels, bladder and bowels and remove tissue “that had been chewed by dogs.”

Doctors try to save the boy’s left leg from amputation.

Natalia Dementyeva, the director of the hospital, said: “The boy suffered extremely serious injuries called dirty wounds.

“He is receiving strong antibacterial therapy but we expect the development of inflammatory processes which are usual complications in such cases. ”

Police launched criminal proceedings for breach of parental obligations, which led to serious consequences against Yegor’s mother and father.

Police spokeswoman Aleksandra Gavrilko said: “The boy’s parents are being questioned. Forensic examinations are underway. ”

Parents face up to three years in prison if found guilty.

The investigation is continuing.


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