10 actors you forgot were in huge movies


A role in a blockbuster movie can elevate an actor’s career and even star them overnight if he’s successful enough, but for most actors at work, they’re just a handsome paycheck that leaves them can. -be the time to continue more “artistic”, lower. paid projects.And while blockbusters aren’t usually meant to be forgotten, the role of a name actor in a tentpole movie is sometimes so eerily light that you might forget it was never there at all.

These 10 actors, whether rising stars at the time or established Hollywood royalty, have all shown up in some huge films, only so that their presence would be quickly forgotten in the months and years that followed.

In some cases, it’s just the actor’s later work overshadowing this smaller supporting role, while in others it’s clear that the actor in question was just collecting a big paycheck for as little work as possible.

Either way, all but the most die-hard fans of these actors will have long forgotten that they appeared in those massive movies, only to quickly find themselves lost in the midst of the action, CGI, and lore. ‘huge cast of the whole …


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