Zuckerberg admits Facebook messed up ignoring Milita group’s complaints ahead of Kenosha filming


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Facebook made “an operational error” in ignore reports about a page encouraging an armed militia to “defend” Kenosha, Wisconsin, against Black Lives Matter protesters, CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted in a video after Friday.

According to a report by the edge. Facebook also deleted an event listing the group created and titled “Armed Citizens to Protect Our Lives and Property,” but only after it was shared by far-right sites like InfoWars and racked up thousands of RSVPs.

Zuckerberg confirmed the page violated Facebook policies and said it should have been removed after “a group of people” reported the page for its violent content before filming.

“The contractors, the reviewers that the original complaints were directed to… basically didn’t get that,” Zuckerberg said. “And on the second review, doing it more sensitively, the Dangerous Organizations team recognized that it violated policies, and we removed it.”

What I’m saying is nothing less than a shame for the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company to pass the buck to his notoriously overworked contract staff in this shit for ages. Facebook mods aren’t paid enough to make their way through the Internet filth as it is, and expecting them to take the blame completely would mean ignoring Facebook. long story of faux pas of moderation and top-down incompetence to prevent dangerous right-wing extremist groups from congregating on its platforms.

G / O Media can get a commission

Protesters in Kenosha have been staging daily protests against police brutality since Sunday after local police abattu Jacob Blake behind the back seven times, paralyzing it and sparking national outrage and renewing calls for police reform. On Wednesday, a gunman opened fire on the crowd, killing two protesters, Joseph Rosenbaum et Anthony Huber, and hurt each other. Police have since charged Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who identified himself as one of the militia members defending the city, during the shooting incident.

Facebook is now “proactive in finding content” which is in favor of the shoot, Zuckerberg added on Friday (better late than never, I guess):

“We will continue to enforce our policies and continue to evolve policies to be able to identify more potentially dangerous organizations and improve our execution to keep moving forward.”

Zuckerberg also said there was no evidence that Rittenhouse had been invited to the now-deleted event list or followed the “Kenosha Guard” page. Facebook did not immediately respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment.


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