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YouTube star Jake Paul’s California home has been attacked by an armed FBI team.

Several guns were seen being taken out of the 23-year-old Calabasas mansion as part of an investigation into a looting spree at an Arizona shopping mall in May George Floyd protests, authorities said.

The Las Vegas homes of Paul’s associates, nightclub promoter Arman Izadi and Andrew Leon, have also been searched by the FBI, but no one has been taken into custody and no arrest warrant has been issued. issued against Paul, the agency said.

Jake Paul (left) and his brother Logan Paul (right) are both YouTube stars

Paul, whose viral YouTube videos of provocative pranks have won him more than 20 million followers, was not at home during the search, an FBI spokeswoman said in Los Angeles.

A spokesperson for the FBI office in Phoenix, where the mall is located, said officers were “investigating allegations of criminal acts surrounding the Scottsdale Fashion Square incident in May.”

Paul’s lawyer, Richard Schonfeld, admitted that his client’s house had been searched and promised to cooperate with the investigation, but made no further comment.

Police in Scottsdale, Arizona, said misdemeanor charges filed in June accusing Paul, Mr. Izadi and Mr. Leon of criminal trespassing and illegal assembly in connection with the Fashion Square “riots” were dismissed on Wednesday. to allow the FBI investigation to continue.

They added that prosecutors could re-file the case if necessary.

The civil unrest in Scottsdale on May 30 was caused by the murder of George Floyd that week.

Stores in the area, including Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie and a Mercedes Benz dealership, were damaged during the protests, police said.

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Police said Paul took part in the unrest and was present after the protest was declared an illegal assembly.

He was also accused of entering the mall illegally and staying there after it closed.

The YouTuber was captured on video inside the mall documenting the unrest and Scottsdale Police said they “received hundreds of tips and videos identifying [Paul] as a participant in the riot “.

The next day Paul said that he and his “group” were part of peaceful protests and that he had observed looting but had not participated in it.

Last month, Paul threw a party at his home in Calabasas as gatherings were banned due to coronavirus, which angered the town’s mayor.


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