Yazan’s father says he “will be his murderer” in another way


90 day fiancé couple Brittany Banks and Yazan have been struggling with culture shock since day one. Fans will remember Banks arrived at the airport with alcohol and hugged the TLC crew, and Yazan had a fit. To make matters worse, Banks hid the fact that she is still married. Now, a look at the next episodes of The other side suggests that cultural issues could endanger Yazan’s life, if his father and friend have something to do.

Brittany Banks doesn’t like Yazan’s family

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Brittany Banks didn’t have a pleasant visit with Yazan’s family on 90 day fiancé. For starters, there is a major language barrier. However, there is also the issue of Banks’ ongoing marriage and divorce process with his ex, which Yazan’s parents were unaware of.

Yazan’s parents kept asking the two when they were getting married, and when Banks said January seemed ideal, his parents weren’t happy.

Brittany Banks later told him, “I never want to see your parents again. I’m finished. ”

“I’m not good at dealing with emotions. This situation with Yazan’s parents drove me crazy, ”she later told the producers.

It has become clear that her parents do not accept Banks for who she is, and would rather have her change to meet their standards of what they expect from a woman.

“We don’t even accept that my son is in a romantic or even romantic relationship with… I mean, with all due respect, so you’re still on social media and you’re still the way you are.” Cancel it all. Cancel all the life you lived and you would marry Yazan ”, 90 day fiancé the star’s dad told Banks during their conversation.

Yazan’s father threatens to kill him

A look at the next episodes of 90 day fiancé: the other way suggests that things have not improved for Yazan and Brittany, and that Yazan’s parents no longer accept banks.

“He thinks he’s going to give me an ultimatum, but I’m going to give him a ** an ultimatum,” Banks said in the preview. “He is not the king of the Jordan.”

“I have to be careful, it’s dangerous,” Yazan tells Banks later in the clip.

“I swear, tell Yazan I’ll be his murderer,” Yazan’s father adds after a cut. Banks are then seen chatting with Yazan and one of his friends.

“There are people who really hate him, and they might try to kill him,” the friend tells Banks.

90 Day Fiancé fans speculate

By Brittany Banks et 90 day fiancé | TLC

It is currently unclear what could put Yazan in danger, but 90 day fiancé fans are convinced it has to do with her relationship with Brittany Banks, and possibly her ongoing divorce.

“Brittany is still MARRIED. They hang out and prob has had sex on previous trips while she is married. … His family is very conservative. That’s why they wanted the wedding to take place after a year of dating. Everyone’s reputation is in danger. Brittany can go back to the United States and live her life, but Yazan will have to face the fallout and try to find a woman who would accept that, ”wrote a Redditor.

Another user believes Yazan is responsible for continuing a relationship that he knew his parents and culture might not approve of.

“Yazan is an idiot. He knows how conservative his family is and has always decided to be with Brittany after seeing her instagram. They definitely had conversations about her desire to be a rapper and how comfortable she is with her sexuality, what did he think was going to happen !? Obviously, she’s not going to cover up and become a Muslim in the name of love, ”wrote another fan.

” No way! If Brittany had divorced, they would have gotten married. His fate with a married woman is the problem and he didn’t know she was lying. Even in the United States, if you saw someone and later found out that they got married and lied to you about it, an American would be upset and pissed off about it, ”pointed out another Redditor.


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