“Wynonna Earp” Recap: Season 4, Episode 2 – #WayHaught Reunion Twist


The following contains major spoilers for the August 2 episode of Syfy Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna Earp this week located Waverly and Doc and escaped the Garden of Eden, but life turned out to be thorny in a different and unexpected way upon the trio’s return to Purgatory.

Coming out of the season premiere, Waverly herself laid eyes on a naked Nicole in the garden, only to realize that she and Doc were in fact dealing with manipulative and shape-shifting Eve, who was plotting to then use it to sting her. escape. the real Nicole, meanwhile, was breastfeeding a badly broken leg after it fell inside the BBD lab infected by a zombified scientist. As such, she had to stay behind, in the care of Rachel Valdez, as Wynonna leaped into the interdimensional portal that Dr. Gloria Valdez had created and then died trying to stay shut. Wynonna landed on the arctic top of the garden, where she and Doc fell prey to more of Eve’s shape-shifting hijinxes.

After Doc throws Eve through a portal and Wynonna convinces Waverly not to spend eternity on her father’s throne protecting the garden, the trio found / used another portal and each landed in a different location. of Purgatory. Waverly found the real Nicole and enjoyed a passionate reunion, while Wynonna and Doc came to find that all is not well in their hometown. We and Waverly then learned from Nicole how long the gang’s brief visit to the garden lasted – 18 months, three weeks and four days!

TVLine jumped on the phone with showrunner Emily Andras to talk about the time jump, the “new” purgatory and give “WayHaught” fans a well-deserved romance.

TVLINE | So Wynonna, Doc and Waverly returned to Purgatory and Waverly found Nicole –
Has she already!

TVLINE | … Only to realize later that more than 18 months had passed while she was in the garden. How do you decide which is long enough, and how much would have been as well a long period of time?
I think we wanted it to be long enough to realize that the characters will have changed, and we will. really intrigued by what those left behind went through, what they had to do to survive, how they coped without their friends. But at the same time, we didn’t want it to start looking like a romance from May to December. Like, 40 years would probably have been too much.

TVLINE | Even three, you’d be like, “Aww, man, Nicole is gone three years without Waverly? It’s sad. “
Yeah. I feel like we wanted to be mean, but like Wynonna Earp-mean. You understand it, but you are not devastated. Something over a year, I feel like that’s where people start to get really weird, if the people I loved were gone for over a year. About 18 months ago – you understand for those left behind, they would have started to wonder if this was their new reality and they had to start their lives over.

A scene from ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 3

TVLINE | Let’s talk about this new reality. Wynonna and Doc have at least a visual clue as to what’s going on. How would you summarize what everything has changed?
I would say Purgatory is back in a traditional western town. When you think about Dead wood or a spaghetti western, you think of how the laws work a little different, how it is a little more ruthless. We see bodies hanging in the streets of downtown Purgatory. There’s a feeling that without Wynonna as the whiskey-soaked ‘cop’, I guess, in town things might have gotten a little darker, a little grainy. Law, order, and justice mean something different now in Purgatory.

TVLINE | Which of the remaining characters changed the most?
I would say there is no doubt that Nicole has been through a lot…. We still don’t know what happened to a few characters, like Jeremy and Robin. and we don’t know the fate of poor Nedley, who was injured the last time we saw him. And he was left with Mercedes Gardner’s “I was a slutty nurse once for Halloween”.

TVLINE | ” Once. “
[[[[Laughs]Of course, “once”. But hey, man, you come in with the help you got, and that’s what he had, so I don’t know if I would put his odds very high. To be fair, there is definitely some trauma, sadness, and consequences in the next episode, which our characters are really immersed in. What will this chasm of time and space between relatives and friends and family mean? Stay tuned.

TVLINE | Are we done with Eve?
I don’t know, are you already ended up with whatever on this show? She got kicked out of a door, so I feel like she isn’t to the top in our grill, but… .. You never know!

TVLINE | I’ve seen a few fans working on some not-so-subtle tweets from some people who’ve seen screeners before, fearing it wasn’t really Nicole that Waverly had found. Can you set the record straight when it comes to Nicole?
Definitely yes. I would certainly like that, especially for matters of consent. I promise you that it was consensual and beautiful and that you will be able to enjoy it. I would say you don’t have to worry about Eve just yet, that’s for sure. Plus, I trust Waverly’s judgment. She knew the second she kissed Eve in the garden that it wasn’t Nicole, she just knew.

TVLINE | Finally, talk about that WayHaught love scene. There is admittedly a lot of LGBTQ content that I have never seen, but it seemed be quite important in the scheme of things.
I would like to think like that. I certainly think there have been some amazing and brave shows and souls leading the way, and I was lucky to be on Lost girl, which had a bisexual track and we did all kinds of stuff in terms of the sex scenes. But I am extraordinarily proud of it [WayHaught] scene, and I feel like it’s so deserved four seasons – for the characters, but also for the fandom. What a party! What a hungry, passionate, desperate, revealing, sensual and romantic reunion for a queer couple, for a woman-woman couple! This testifies to the confidence that Dominique [Provost-Chalkley] and Cat [Barrell] have with us. Everything has been choreographed and discussed with great care, but getting it right is very important for everyone involved.

I think this is something you see a bit more often with straight couples, to say the least.

TVLINE | With queer couples you get a kiss but there’s always, like, a hand in the way –
[[[[Laughs]Or it is poorly lit. I was looking at the lighting on this like a falcon, because a common and hilarious complaint from LGBTQ fans is, “I thought they kissed… or they shared a sandwich.

TVLINE | Or, “Look, a flood light suddenly went up behind them, all blowing!” “
Exactly. We were all really determined to go as far as possible. And to Syfy’s credit, they were so immensely supportive. It is also the advantage of having a cable at 10 pm. And again, Dom and Kat got complete approval of the scene, and they’re very comfortable with each other, and with our director…. I just want LGBTQ headphones to be able to celebrate it and love it and really be in the moment. But I also want anyone straight ahead and believes in the love of seeing this beautiful love scene, between two people who are maybe meant to be together. Hope everyone can enjoy it, whatever your jam is, man.

TVLINE | Is this scene different in your old time slot?
Yes, I would say so. I would say this scene is different Four years ago. But again, I feel like this is a testament to the progress we have all made and what is acceptable. And for me personally, I would say that due to the things that are important in my own storytelling and what I have based a lot of my career on pushing for, I thought it was worth it. beat. So I hope everyone will notice it. We will see!

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