WWE ThunderDome Registration Opens to Join SmackDown Virtual Crowd, Reaches Capacity in Minutes


WWE’s ThunderDome ensemble will debut Friday night at SmackDown, and registration for virtual seats will quickly reach capacity.The company originally said recording would start on Monday evening, but things were clearly delayed as it only happened on Tuesday evening. Sources say the registration for virtual seats in the ThunderDome at SmackDown reached capacity within minutes of going live.

We’re told WWE will open registrations for SummerSlam later this week.

The top of the registration page reads: “Be a part of SmackDown hosted by a WWE SuperStar!”

No further information was given on what it would be like to be part of the virtual crowd.

As we have already reported … WWE will be bring fans back to the arena via live video on massive LED panels for their next residency at the Amway Center. The shows will also include cutting edge technology, drone cameras, a pyro and more.

Kevin Dunn also revealed in an interview that the virtual crowd will not be displayed on a video wall. The arena will instead have 1000 LED cards with rows and rows of fans to simulate the WWE experience.

CLICK HERE to register for WWE ThunderDome.

For an overview of the set under construction, watch the video below.


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