WWE Responds To Fan Bad Behavior In Thunderdome On Raw


It’s been less than a week since WWE implemented its Thunderdome, which turns once-empty arenas into a sea of ​​glowing screens with WWE fans on it, via their own home computers. However, it was only a few days before some “fans” abused the system.So far, there have been screens showing the last known photo of Chris Benoit, a KKK rally, video of a beheading, someone flashing behind, and the photo of Sonya Deville’s stalker from the Sonya match. / Mandy in Summerslam – to name a few.

There were some funny moments like the sleeping fan and someone with their plush Pikachu, but it’s not worth having them if fans are going to abuse the system.

“This heinous behavior does not reflect the values ​​of WWE and we have no tolerance for these unacceptable acts,” WWE told GameSpot in a statement. “We are working to ban those involved from future events and in accordance with our policies, any inappropriate action will result in the live stream being deleted. ”

While the heinous actions of some fans have been highlighted online, it’s worth noting that these people – like the man in the KKK robe – were taken out almost immediately and thousands are moving into the Thunderdome system.


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