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Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE NXT Viewing evening. Tonight’s show is from Full Sail University’s campus in Winter Park, Florida.- Tonight’s WWE Takeover: XXX Edition NXT opens on the USA network with Mauro Ranallo who welcomes us. He is joined by WWE Hall of Fame member Vic Joseph and Beth Phoenix. the NXT developing trainees applaud behind the plexiglass barrier.

Second Chance Qualifying For Resumption: Johnny Gargano vs. Ridge Holland

We’re going to our first of two Second Chance Qualifiers as Johnny Gargano dates his wife Candice LeRae. NXT UK Superstar Ridge Holland is next. The winner of this match will take 4th place in the Ladder Match for the vacant NXT North American title at Takeover on Saturday. We see ladders around the ring.

Gargano talks about trash as it is measured, saying Holland has no place here. Holland uses his power to take control to begin with. Gargano tries to fight but Ridge throws him and hits a big shoulder, sending him to the ground. Holland follows, yelling at Gargano. Gargano comes back running then throws him over the top. Ridge catches up to him but ends up being shaken by a distraction. Gargano flips him and brings him back, but Holland nails a European uppercut. Holland works on the arm and levels Gargano with another clothesline.

Holland maintains control and works the Gargano on the turn. Holland whips Gargano into the ring and he hits hard in the corner, falling to the apron. Holland continues to dominate under the watchful eye of LeRae. Gargano takes Holland in a submission, now focusing on the leg. Holland fights with big heels to break the hold. Holland pushes Gargano into the corner but then misses a knee strike. Holland falls to the ground and Gargano nails a suicide dive, sending Holland back. We move on to the commercial with Gargano rising first.

Back from the break and the referee checks Gargano. Mauro yells “oh my God! As Holland turns around. We get a replay that shows Holland grabs Gargano in the air and slams him right over his head. Someone is yelling “get up!” ” a crowd. Gargano slowly begins to recover and get up as the ref checks him. LeRae says give him a second, he’ll be fine. Gargano took the opportunity and equalized Holland with a big superkick for a count of 2.

Holland blocks the One Final Beat with a forearm. Holland with more attack, focusing on the neck. Holland nails the powerslam and this time holds it for the pin but only gets 2. Holland pounds on Gargano. They exchange strikes and Holland abandons the Gargano. Gargano blocks a backbreaker and opts for the GargaNo Escape but Holland resists. Gargano hits him but Holland is still standing. Gargano continues to try to let Holland down but Holland explodes inside him, sending him back to the ground. LeRae checks Gargano while the referee counts.

Holland comes out and drops the Gargano onto the edge of the apron. Holland brings him back but LeRae grabs his leg as the ref is not looking. Gargano takes advantage and strikes a low blow. Gargano nails the One Final Beat off the apron and covers Holland for the pin to earn the place at Takeover.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

– After the match, the music sounds as Gargano recovers. We’re going to reruns. Gargano is now official for the 5-a-side game for the vacancies NXT North American title in Takeover with Bronson Reed, Damian Priest and Cameron Grimes. LeRae helps Gargano to get up now as Holland watches and also gets up.

– Still to come, Dakota Kai will be in action. Back to commercial.


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