WWE major superstar shocks fans with heel twist


WWE Superstar Shorty G did something unthinkable on the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown. Gable turned on his heel as he attacked Matt Riddle to align himself with his former rival.For context, Gable was one of the most beloved superstars of NXT’s early years. The former Olympian was part of one of the best tag teams in NXT history, namely American Alpha.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan were the NXT tag team champions. In 2016, the duo were NXT’s first tag team to SmackDown’s Master List and were bound to be successful.

On the blue mark, American Alpha dominated from the start. The duo won tag team titles on SmackDown.

Gable’s career faced a big hurdle in 2017 when Jason Jordan revealed he was Kurt Angle’s son and switched to RAW.

After a few not-so-good years in the label team and the middle card scenes, Gable was recruited to SmackDown. In September 2019, Gable faced Corbin in the King of the Ring final, reigniting their feud.

King Corbin constantly laughed at Gable’s short height. Gable then renamed himself Shorty G.

After a few months, their rivalry ended. However, this edition of SmackDown will shock the entire WWE universe.

Shorty G teams up with Baron Corbin on WWE SmackDown

During the last edition of SmackDown, King Corbin was looking for someone to help him deal with Matt Riddle. Corbin approached his old rival and told him he had what it takes to be a champion and offered him a King’s Ransom to take out Riddle.

Corbin defeated Drew Gulak in an exhibition match on SmackDown. After the game, Matt Riddle attacked Corbin. What happened next was unexpected.

With the two rivals now joining forces, it will be interesting to see what awaits them. The Shorty G and Corbin alliance looks like more than just a ransom offer.

With the current shortage of WWE Superstars in the Tag Team Division, this suit can be a great addition to the Division in the future.

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