World report: Australian Prime Minister plans to make coronavirus vaccine compulsory | World news


Australia’s prime minister has said he wants to make any potential vaccine against Covid-19 mandatory, as he has described his intention to “return the country to normal life” after battling a second wave of the virus.As governments around the world anticipate resistance to mandatory inoculation from anti-vaxx groups and a skeptical public, Scott Morrison said the goal was to get 95% of the population to receive the drug. vaccine and that he “expected” it to be mandatory except for medical reasons.

“I would expect this to be as mandatory as you can make it,” Morrison said in a radio interview. “We are talking about a pandemic that has destroyed the global economy and claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world and more than 430 Australians. So you know we need the fullest and most comprehensive response to get Australia back to normal. “


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