World Coronavirus Report: ‘Response Fatigue’ Fears as Mexico Strikes 9,000 Cases Daily | World news


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A WHO emergency committee reviewing the pandemic noted that “the anticipated long duration of this Covid-19 epidemic” required a sustained response, according to a statement from the United Nations body released on Saturday.

He said nuanced and pragmatic guidance was needed to reduce the risk of response fatigue in the context of socio-economic pressures.

There have been nearly 17.8 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 684,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

South Africa, which gradually relaxed a strict lockdown imposed at the end of March, reported it had more than half a million cases this weekend. The country is by far the hardest hit in Africa, accounting for more than half of diagnosed infections.

So far, the death toll stands at 8,153. However, local researchers have recorded an almost 60% increase in natural deaths in recent weeks, suggesting a much higher number of coronavirus-related deaths. than the officially registered one.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Saturday that the case fatality rate in South Africa was 1.6%, well below the global average. “While South Africa has the fifth highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world, we only have the 36th highest number of deaths as a proportion of population,” he said.

Meanwhile, in reported nearly 55,000 new cases of coronavirus, down from the previous day’s record of 57,118, but bringing the country’s total to 1.75 million. The month of July accounted for more than 1.1 million of these cases.

The country’s Interior Minister Amit Shah said on Sunday he tested positive for coronavirus and was admitted to hospital. Shah, a close associate of Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, heads a key ministry that has been at the forefront of handling the coronavirus outbreak in India.

the Australia the state of Victoria has declared a state of disaster and placed Melbourne, the country’s second largest city, under nighttime curfew as it grapples with hundreds of “mystery cases” of coronavirus.

As part of the so-called Six Week Lockdown Stage 4, no one will be allowed to venture further than 3.1 miles (5 km) from their home, only one person per household per day will be allowed to shopping and only an hour of exercise. will be allowed.

Seven health officials from China were to arrive in Hong Kong On Sunday, the first members of a 60-person team who will perform large-scale testing for Covid-19 in the territory as it rushes to stop a third wave of the disease.


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