Will the coronavirus crisis in England worsen this winter? | David McCoy | Opinion


isThe origin of the infection is unclear. But after 102 consecutive days without a single case of the locally transmitted coronavirus, a family cluster of four cases was discovered in Auckland, New Zealand on Tuesday. The government reacted quickly and decisively. A three-day lockdown was imposed on Auckland, while further testing and intensive contact tracing was carried out. Thirteen individuals linked to the original family group subsequently tested positive for the virus.The emergence of these new cases shows how difficult it is to eliminate Covid-19, even in a small, sparsely populated island nation with a border that has been mostly closed and where people entering the country are subject to rigorous testing. and quarantine. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern expressed her disappointment, but many New Zealanders were likely relieved to observe how their healthcare system quickly identified new infections and implemented measures that are likely to prevent this group from spreading. case of escalating into a major epidemic.

While a testing and traceability system that quickly detects the coronavirus and prevents further transmission cannot eliminate the risk of new cases emerging, it can minimize the impact of the virus. New Zealand has only seen 22 coronavirus deaths, compared to more than 46,000 in the UK. And as summer approaches New Zealand, the country can reasonably expect more coronavirus-free days in the future.


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