Will Kate Middleton have to bow to Prince George when he becomes king?


Kate Middleton married into the British royal family almost ten years ago. Since then she has been an active member of the family and has become the mother of three direct descendants to the throne. Despite his seniority, many fans are questioning whether Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will have to bow to her own son – Prince George – when he becomes king.

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The rules of the royal family are delicate

According to Woman’s World, there are dozens of royal rules that family members must follow. One of the most obvious is that everyone has to bow or curtsy to Queen Elizabeth as she enters a room – even her husband Prince Philip.

Royal protocol also states that when a member of the royal family has finished paying their respects to the Queen, they must greet other important people in the room in a certain order.

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The most senior royals other than Queen Elizabeth are to be recognized next. After that, the rules start to get tricky.

Women born into the royal family are called “blood princesses”.

As a “princess of the blood”, they have a higher rank than the one who marries in the family. Queen Elizabeth made the rule in 2005 when Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles.

Kate Middleton already follows very strict rules

After the rule change, her daughter, Anne, and Princess Alexandra were no longer required to curtsy to Camilla. Because their status as “princesses of blood” outclasses the Duchess of Cornwall when she is without Charles.

However, when Prince Charles accompanies Camilla, Anne and Alexandra must bow. Because the rules for a woman who marries in the royal family change when she is in the presence of her husband.

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A royal woman basically takes the status of her husband when they are together. However, when a royal woman like the Duchess of Cambridge or Meghan Markle is not accompanied by her husband, her rank is lower.

If Kate and William are in a room together, the only people in the family she would bow to are Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Camilla. But, if Kate is solo, she has to curtsy every senior royal because her rank is lower without William.

Kate Middleton must bow to Prince George when he becomes king

Everyone in the royal family must bow or curtsy to the reigning monarch in a formal setting. This means that if Kate is alive when Prince George becomes King, she will have to curtsy to her eldest son during public engagements.

However, in more informal contexts the rules are not so strict. When the Queen Mother was alive and her daughter became Queen in her early 20s, she bowed to the monarch in public.

But, his squire, Colin Burgess, wrote in his book Behind the palace gates that the Queen Mother has never bowed to her daughter in private.

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“They had a wonderful relationship that was built on deep affection and mutual respect,” Burgess wrote. “Neither of them bowed to the other. And if the Queen Mother said something that her daughter found amusing, the Queen would say “Oh Mom! and laugh. ”

Kate has been praised for her “modern approach” to royal parenthood. It makes sense that she has a similar relationship with Prince George when he becomes king that Queen Elizabeth had with her mother.


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