Will it become a responsibility for Rajamouli’s #RRR?


Alia Bhatt became the main target of anti-nepotism trolls after the disappearance of Sushant Singh Rajput.

While Alia had nothing to do with Sushant, a video of her demeaning him on a chat show angered fans of the later actor.

Additionally, Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborthy considers Alia’s father Mahesh Bhatt to be her mentor. This is another reason for all the hatred Alia received.

So intense is the public outrage that Alia has had to turn off the comments section on all of her social media handles.

The Sadak 2 trailer for Alia’s upcoming OTT release has been released and the anti-nepotism army is abusing the dislike button on Youtube.

The trailer has received almost 4 million likes and only a few hundred thousand likes so far.

Alia has never been targeted at this point although she has been hounded in the past for her poor general knowledge.

Looks like Alia is going to get a similar type of reception in the future as well. All of his upcoming films will be targeted in the same way.

Rajamouli joined Alia as one of the main women of RRR, hoping that her pan-Indian popularity will help the film reach Hindi markets.

But it looks like she could be a liability for RRR if she continues to be the primary target of social media trolls and Sushant sympathizers.

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