Will Greece and Turkey fight for energy? | Greece


Concerns are growing over the possibility of a conflict between Turkey and Greece in the eastern Mediterranean.For weeks, the two neighboring countries have been fighting over maritime borders and offshore energy rights.

On Tuesday, they sent warships into the waters in a show of force.

Turkish ship Oruc Reis is conducting research – and Greece says it sits above its continental shelf.

Ankara is contesting Athens’ exclusive rights in the region.

The two countries have announced military exercises in a large area between the Greek island of Crete and Cyprus.

But they also signaled a desire for dialogue as Germany tries to mediate between NATO allies.

So could this dispute get worse? And what would it take to defuse it?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


George Tzogopoulos – Strategic Business Analyst and Lecturer at the Democritus University of Thrace

Wolf Piccoli – Director General of the Political Risk Branch of Global Advisor Teneo

Yusuf Alabarda – Retired Turkish Colonel and Security Analyst at Turkish Defense University

Source: Al Jazeera News


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