Wilford Brimley dead: Cocoon and The Thing star dies at 85


Actor Wilford Brimley has died at the age of 85.The Cocoon star died at her home in Utah on Sunday after going through intensive care at a hospital.

Brimley manager Lynda Bensky confirmed the news to Entertainment Tonight.

She said: “Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust. He said what he wanted to say and he meant what he said.

“He had a gruff exterior and a tender heart. I am sad that I can no longer hear the wonderful stories of my friend.

« [Brimley] was one of a kind. ”

Wilford Brimley Dies at Home in Utah Aged 85

American TV host Stephen Colbert was among the first to pay tribute by tweeting: “RIP Wilford Brimley – so many great performances, but I’ll never forget to see him sing this amazingly tender” It’s not easy to ‘be green “”

Actress Betty Buckley added, “So sad to read this. I loved Wilford Brimley. It was a gift to be able to work with him in the movie Tender Mercies. Great actor! #RIP Wilford. ”

He started his film career in the 1970s by appearing as an extra in a number of westerns, and continued to appear on television when he landed the role of Horace in The Waltons.

He had a long and successful film career

He appeared on the family show for three years between 1974 and 1977.

His first real movie role came in 1979 when he appeared in The China Syndrome.

Brimley went on to appear as a baseball team manager alongside his friend Robert Duvall in Sydney Pollack’s The Natural and Absence of Malice before landing a role in John Carpenter’s spectacular 1982 horror The Thing Face Off. Kurt Russell.

Three years ago, he landed another blockbuster with a starring role in Cocoon in 1985, playing a member of a group of nursing home residents who are mysteriously rejuvenated by a dip in their swimming pool.

Brimley en 1981 Sydney Pollack film Absence of Malice

He went on to appear on the 1980s television show Our House and land roles in films such as The Firm with Tom Cruise and In & Out with Kevin Klein.

Brimley was also the face of Quaker Oats, starring in the company’s advertising campaigns throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

He married twice and was the father of four children.


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