Why Thandie Newton Thought Her Tom Cruise Comments Would Get Her “in Trouble”


The actress claimed that she later received a phone call from Tom, who told her they had to do covers.“The next time we shot I went in there and just manifested everything – because I got what he wanted. He just wanted this alpha bitch. And I did my best, ”she describes. “It’s not the best way to get someone’s best job. He wasn’t awful. It was just – he was really stressed out. I had the most amazing time, and you know who got me this role? ” Nicole Kidman.  »

Thandie said she liked to believe that she would handle the experience in a very different way if it happened today.

“It was more just surreal than anything else. Listen, creative things are tough. I was so tender and sensitive. And, also, if you think of the timeline of that, it was still early in my healing, in my recovery. I ‘had had good therapy. I realized I was precious, ”she shared, adding,“ If that was me now, I would come in and say “Hey! ” I will be. You wouldn’t have to play me and I play you on this balcony. And I would have squeezed this place. Bam! ”


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