Why Christina Aguilera got angry when Kelly Clarkson recorded her song


Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera are two of the greatest powerful singers of the 2000s, so it makes sense that Aguilera co-wrote one of Clarkson’s hits. Strangely enough, Clarkson was unaware of Aguilera’s involvement in the song. Aguilera was overwhelmed by the circumstances that led Clarkson to record the song.

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How a song went from Destiny’s Child to Christina Aguilera to Kelly Clarkson

According to Digital Spy, our story begins with Destiny’s Child. The girl group turned down an early version of the song “Miss Independent” which then found its way to Aguilera. She rewrote the lyrics to the song.

Aguilera originally intended to include “Miss Independent” on her album. Bare. Bare This was the moment when Aguilera left teenage pop behind her for more mature songs like “Dirrty”, “Beautiful” and “Fighter”. In fact, “Miss Independent” bears a passing similarity to “Fighter”.


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Aguilera, however, never finished “Miss Independent”. One of the song’s co-writers, Rhett Lawrence, gifted Clarkson with “Miss Independent” without Aguilera’s knowledge. Clarkson felt the song sounded like Aguilera’s music but was unaware that Aguilera co-wrote the song. Clarkson spoke about the experience on an episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“My label at the time didn’t tell me, but I guess the producers and writers started it with her, but it wasn’t over, so I ended up writing the rest and the finish without even knowing that she was on it or never a part. of it, ”Clarkson said. “I swear to God, I got my album booklet and I was like, ‘Oh my God, my first album’ and then I was like ‘Why is Christina Aguilera on it? Is it weird? And I love it, so I’m like, ‘Cool… but what?’ It was a strange thing.

Kelly Clarkson talks about “Miss Independent” on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

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How Christina Aguilera reacted to this

Did Aguilera have a problem with Clarkson recording one of her songs without her knowing? According to Digital Spy, she was upset by this development. Specifically, she wanted the people around her to be more transparent. However, she had no resentment towards Clarkson. Clarkson noted how Aguilera made a lot of money with her version of “Miss Independent”.

In fact, Contact Music reports that she loved Clarkson’s version of “Miss Independent”. Aguilera even gave Clarkson a shout out on an episode of Total direct demand. “If you look at Kelly,” said Aguilera, “you’re a sweetheart and if the song was to go to anyone I’m glad it went to you because you [did] it is justice.

«Miss Independent»

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How the public reacted to “Miss Independent”

According to Billboard, Clarkson’s “Miss Independent” reached No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was only Clarkson’s second entry on the charts after her hit pop ballad “A Moment Like This”. “Miss Independent” with its fiery mix of rock, pop and R&B, showed that Clarkson had range as a performer. Plus, it proved Aguilera could write songs that worked for other artists.


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