Why Barcelona legend would hate playing against Arsenal if he joined Manchester United or Man City


Find yourself someone like Sokratis Papastathopoulos – who will never leave your side no matter what.

Rumor has it that the Arsenal defender is still following Lionel Messi to his morning coffee.

Everywhere Messi goes, Sokratis is there. There is no way out.

Sokratis got to know Messi a little too well in 2010

This was certainly the case at the 2010 World Cup, when the Greek defender faithfully supported the Argentine superstar throughout the game.

Following the news that Messi has asked to leave Barcelona this summer, everyone wants to know what will come next.

Specifically, will we see the man many believe to be the greatest of all time in the Premier League?

There’s a chance: Manchester United and Man City have both been linked in a sensational move for the 33-year-old this summer.

But they might want to hide the fact that Sokratis plays for Arsenal. Here’s why.

“Man City have tried emphatically to persuade Messi, the other is PSG” – Graham Hunter on where Messi could go after leaving Barcelona

Greece 0-2 Argentina (2010 World Cup)

Ander Herrera has told Jose Mourinho he will go to the bathroom with Eden Hazard if it prevents the Chelsea man from touching the ball against Man United in 2017.

But like most things in the world, the Greeks did it first.

The marking of men is a tactic as old as the drachma. If the best players don’t get the ball, they’re ineffective, right?

AFP – Getty

Sokratis did an absolute job on Messi

Messi is a little different. Try whatever you want, he’ll find a way. But my word, Sokratis tried.

At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, a 22-year-old Messi was already at the peak of his powers.

He captained Argentina as they faced an uncompromising Greek side on the final day of Group B.

Needing a win to progress, Greek manager Otto Rehhagel delivered your classic Jose Mourinho master plan: defend like hell and maybe we’ll take one at the counter.

There was no escape for the Argentinian

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There was no escape for the Argentinian

For this to work, Messi had to remain silent, and Sokratis, 22, was in charge of ensuring that.

If Messi was okay, Sokratis was with him. If Messi fell deeply, Sokratis would follow him. He was just still there.

Sometimes it looked like they were joined at the hip, as they moved around the field in tandem for 90 minutes.

Be careful, Sokratis is n ° 19 …

It also worked for about 77 minutes until Martin Demichelis (remember him?) Opened the scoring and ruined the Greek game plan.

Messi was always named Man of the Match, and it was his brilliance that led to Argentina’s second goal.

Then again, if this was a player who could simply be knocked out of games, he probably wouldn’t have more than 700 career goals under his belt.

Unless, of course, La Liga managers read this and say, “Why haven’t we thought of this !? ”

Nonetheless, Messi’s potential Premier League arrival could prompt Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta to keep Sokratis on board this summer.

Can we see a repeat of this epic battle next season?

Getty Images – Getty

Can we see a repeat of this epic battle next season?

The 32-year-old finds himself surplus to needs in the Emirates, with William Saliba returning from his loan at St Etienne and Gabriel Magalhaes expected to arrive shortly.

It is likely that Sokratis will be sold to generate funds for Arsenal’s summer activities, but the club may well hang in there to see if Messi moves to Manchester.

After all, Sokratis knows him better than anyone.


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