Why at 39, Meghan’s difficult year has just started


This means that there can be an element of denial about all of this – and not just yours. It was a slap in the face when, on my birthday in April, my dad wrote “happy 38th birthday” on my card. Obviously, he also can’t believe how old I am. This meant that being 39 made me anxious to be a nearly 40-year-old girl – a girl who always relies on her parents for advice – and I guess Meghan, who is close to her mother Doria, can feel the same thing.She is perhaps one of the scariest women of 39: the successful actress, humanitarian and feminist icon who married a prince. But she’s had a lot to do this year: a breakup with her husband’s family, two court cases, and the fallout from the publication of an unauthorized biography Finding Freedom.

I think she will always feel the same choking feeling I felt on that milestone anniversary – a panicked look at the past and a sense of worry about the future.

The past few months suggest that Meghan has already done some serious soul-searching. First there was the career change – she quit her job as an active member of the Royal Family and moved, along with Harry and Archie, to a £ 15million mansion in California. This followed an interview in October last year when she told ITV’s Tom Bradby, “You have to thrive, you have to feel happy.

The good news for Meghan is that US research in 2017 found women reach their highest earning potential at age 39, which bodes well for her short-term career pivot. But having lost her Royal bank account, she might wonder where that will leave her in the future.

Then there was the new hair. No matter how much yoga she practices or what green juice she drinks, Meghan’s body, 39, will have started to hint at her mortality – frown lines and early gray strands (and I speaks from experience). After the lockdown, however, she emerged with straight, shoulder-length hair which her famous hairstylist George Northwood says is a statement of intent. “It represents the strength and the feeling that she really took care of everything,” he says.


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