Why are New York students allowed to eat inside schools when dining inside restaurants is not allowed?


NEW YORK – Restaurant owners have been told there is no calendar for indoor meals, but returning students will have their lunch in classrooms.Some have wondered if there is a double standard. Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked about the differences between the situations.

“During the period of time that the children eat lunch, which is not a long period, yes they will have their masks, but they are distant because the desks are different from those of the diners who are often very close to each other. other”. he said. “And they’re supervised by adults whose job it is to make sure the distance is maintained. ”

According to previously published plans, students will eat in their classrooms during scheduled teaching periods. Younger students will have a lesson that is “fun, engaging and rewarding,” officials said. Middle and high school students “will engage in education related to the content area of ​​the class.”


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