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When the lights on Big Brother 22 dimmed after Thursday’s live eviction, we found ourselves without a new head of household and this issue took a while to resolve. We’ve got a new HOH and the Big Brother spoilers to go with it!

This roster had the other 12 HGs competing rolling balls down a ramp with rest points in the middle. Six played at a time, with the first three to finish in each group moving on to the next round. So who won HOH on Big Brother this week? Read on for the results …

Big Brother 22 semaine 4 HoH Comp:

Feeds took hours, HOURS, to return after the East Coast broadcast ended, as we waited to find out who won HOH this week. Indeed, the rumors disclosed were true, there was Enzo who carried the key. We’ll have to see how close he was or not for this roster.

Enzo has been playing around with his hinky votes for the past two weeks, so could he be a wild card or will it be the fourth week in a row for a close ally of Cody to head the House. Yeah, probably the latest. This is a major problem with mega-alliances. They ruin the fun and opportunity of a balanced home and a change of power. Nuts.

Nominations are expected to arrive on Friday already, so get ready for those spoilers soon, and then Power of Veto comp will take place on Saturday. It will be a very busy weekend! Download our Big Brother app then join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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