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Eviction night is back and we’re awaiting information on who will be kicked out tonight on Big Brother 22 All-Stars with the second vote of the season. It was a close race at home and a few times it looked like it could go either way, but someone has to come out that door and the time is right. Then it’s time for some new power in the house. Please let there be a change of power tonight… So who got elected and who won HOH? Let’s find out!

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Big Brother 22 Results – Week 2 Votes:

  • Tyler votes to expel: Nicole
  • Enzo votes to expel: David
  • Noël votes to expel: Nicole
  • Kevin votes to expel: David
  • Janelle votes to expel: Nicole
  • Da’Vonne votes to expel: Nicole
  • Kaysar votes to expel: Nicole
  • Bayleigh votes to expel: Nicole
  • Cody votes to expel: Nicole
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Ian votes to expel: Nicole
  • Franzel votes to expel: Nicole
  • Dani votes to expel: Nicole

By a 10-2 vote, Nicole Anthony was kicked out of the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 22 Results – Week 3 HoH Comp – ‘Mug Shots’:

  • Cody – 4 points
  • Enzo – 8 points
  • David – 6 points
  • Christmas – 8 points, but slower than Enzo
  • Day – 7 points
  • Kevin – 7 points
  • Ian – 10 points
  • Franzel – 9 points
  • Dani – 4 points
  • Tyler – 12 points
  • Bayleigh – 7 points
  • Janelle – 11 points
  • Kaysar – 5 points

Tyler wins HOH. Kudos to Tyler, but it won’t be a good week of balanced power transfer. Janelle was so close and would have delivered a shift. Welcome to week 3 of Cody’s HOH.

After the show, we’ll return to the live streams for the new HOH fallout and the eviction, along with the upcoming planning rounds for this week’s goal. Take advantage of the free trial and join us now!

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