Who is Jonathan Swan, the reporter who toast Trump? And what do kangaroos have to do with it? | Culture


Michael, I couldn’t help but notice that the reporter who toasted President Donald Trump in the White House this week had a special accent. Is he one of yours?Hi Matthew! Very insightful on your part. Jonathan Swan, a former Sydney Morning Herald reporter, is the Axios reporter with a wrinkled forehead and a comedic, puzzled expression. After rising to prominence as a political reporter here in Australia, Swan moved to the United States in 2014 to work as a congressional assistant on a college scholarship. Since then he has worked as a reporter at The Hill before moving to Axios in 2016. Since Trump’s interview, he has become an extremely popular meme thanks to his perplexed response to the President’s insistence that the United States was doing better than any other country to fight Covid-19.

So he sort of adopted the United States as his home country. Has he ever been involved in any particularly Australian stories?

Here in Australia, Swan is mostly remembered for his scoops on politicians abusing their parliamentary rights. Oh, and a story about a senator throwing kangaroo droppings at his brother.

Sorry what?

The story of kangaroo poo. Don’t you know?

Non …


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