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Tonight, the first Big Brother 22 All-Star will be kicked out of the house. But who would it be? Keesha or Kevin?

Both are old school players, so it’s sad to see them go, but it looks like it will be Keesha, Big Brother 10 America’s favorite guest house, which releases tonight.

Keesha has been very busy campaigning while Kevin has been making promises to people all week. Of course, Kevin won’t be able to keep all of those promises, but it’s neither here nor there. Keesha just didn’t put in the time until the last minute. And even then, it probably didn’t matter because of this new school believing that players have to honor what the head of the household wants. Even Bayleigh told Janelle it’s sort of the rule now. Janelle countered back then, players didn’t care what the HOH wanted and often actively kept the person they wanted on the outside. But here we are, in a modern Big Brother world.

Janelle worked harder to keep Keesha than Keesha herself. And that didn’t help Janelle’s game at all. If anything, it made the target even bigger and probably lessened any chance Keesha would stay. And it’s not Janelle’s fault. She is playing the game she knows.

So most of the week only Kaysar and Janelle voted to keep Keesha and everyone telling her they have no idea how the vote is going to go because no one is talking about gambling. today, as the HG prepared for today’s festivities, even Kaysar and Janelle realized that they couldn’t compromise their matches for Keesha when no one else did. So it looks like Keesha could vote unanimously, unless a pity vote is cast on him, but don’t expect anyone to take it as these players are looking for some reason to target someone.

It also appears that you, the readers, are predicting a Keesha expulsion as well. In our poll of the last few days asking who will be kicked out this week, Keesha holds over 76% of the vote.

What do you think will happen tonight? Will Keesha or Kevin be kicked out of the Big Brother 22 house?


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