White Sox’s Jose Abreu ties the game with six homers in three games


CHICAGO – Chicago White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu tied a major league record on Sunday in his first homerun against the Cubs, marking his fourth straight appearance at home with a homerun and a sixth series circuit.“I’m never happy with what I do,” Abreu said after the Sox’s 2-1 loss to the Cubs. ” I can do better. I can do more. This is why I work so hard. But it really feels good to do something like that. I prefer to win today. ”

The home run was the only record of the game for the White Sox, who scored their last 20 points via the long ball. That’s three points short of a record set by the Milwaukee Brewers last season.

Abreu hit a Yu Darvish 2-1 cutter down center left in the second inning, a day after hitting home runs on his last three batting against three different pitchers. His six home runs over the weekend tie him with four more for the most in a three-game streak in the era of the live ball, which dates back to 1920. It’s also the most home run of any player. of all the series this season.

Entering the series with the Cubs, Abreu was tied for 20th in the American League in the circuits. He now leads the AL in the circuits, with 11.

The loss broke the White Sox’s seven-game winning streak, but continued a home run streak for the club. They’ve hit 30 home runs in the last nine games. This is by far the highest number of baseball in this period.

“We know what we are capable of doing,” Abreu said. “We can’t move quickly from here to the playoffs. At the end of the season, we’ll see what the outcome will be. “


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