Where Jurgen Klopp Erdinger’s commercial was filmed and the secrets of the Liverpool manager’s star turn


Jurgen Klopp stars in a new commercial for German beer ERDINGER Weissbier. And those involved in the production have revealed what he looked like on set, as ECHO can exclusively share behind-the-scenes footage ( see above ).

The advertisement was shot at Dovedale Towers on Penny Lane, one of Liverpool’s most popular pubs.

He sees the Reds boss waiting at the bar for a drink with a football game in the background.

Just as a goal is scored and the bartender is about to serve a pint while skimming some of the foam on top, Klopp yells, “Stop! Never skim an ERDINGER! “.

Wolfgang Kuffner, Marketing Director of ERDINGER Weissbräu, said: “Everyone was silent when Jurgen Klopp entered the Dovedale towers because he has such a presence.

“He was chatting and joking with all of us soon, though, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with. ”

As Erdinger is sponsoring the new Channel 4 documentary about the Liverpool manager, it is shown frequently between commercials.

Advertising director Hans Steinbichler added: “As you might expect, Jurgen Klopp has been a pleasure working with the shooting of the ERDINGER Weissbier commercial.

“He came well prepared and ready to start filming and was a natural on camera. “

The Dovedale Towers, Penny Lane

And ERDINGER Weissbräu Export Manager Marcus Korte said: “Jurgen Klopp is a true professional and strived for perfection throughout the day’s shoot – you can see it in the fun he had to pour the perfect glass from ERDINGER Weissbier.

“Despite everything he’s accomplished, he’s very grounded and has a great sense of humor, so we had a lot of fun on set. ”

Mike Girling of Dovedale Towers recently told ECHO: “ERDINGER contacted us to use the Dovey for commercials because it is an iconic and interesting pub and truly representative of a classic Scouse local.

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“We’ve been used to filming before, Mo Salah and Brian Blessed and others have both filmed some high profile commercials here in recent years.

“Jurgen was exactly as you would expect, incredibly friendly, no airs or graces, he treated everyone with respect and was very funny.

“Everyone, cast and crew loved him and he loved the Dovey. “


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