Where are the Maple Leafs going from here after another lost season? – Athletic


It has always been the concern of this Maple Leafs team and an opponent like Columbus in the playoffs, that they would be blocked by a strong defensive system and a good goaltender. That their star power couldn’t break through. What Mike Babcock called the grind would happen to them.

I’m fascinated to see where the Leafs management is taking this loss. Because a cold and unbiased check, with an analytical approach, would indicate a lot of things that Toronto has done well in the five-game series.

Coach Sheldon Keefe referred to some of these talking points during his post-game press conference.

“The difference in Games 1 and 5, obviously, is three what I would call some pretty lucky goals,” Keefe said. “And we didn’t have the same level of luck on the net. Columbus defended himself extremely well and didn’t give us much, but we had enough chances to score more goals than with the two shutouts (against us) that we …


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