What’s wrong with the Green Cube?


There was a lot to unbox in the Season 2 finale of Umbrella Academy. One of the most compelling pieces of the puzzle was the appearance of a floating green cube. What could all of this mean?

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There’s a new group of superheroes in town

In the final moments of Season 2, it is revealed that the Hargreeves siblings returned to a 2019 they weren’t familiar with. In their new reality, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) ran the Sparrow Academy – not the Umbrella Academy.

After losing the ghost of Ben (Justin H. Min) in one of the season’s most heart-wrenching scenes, many fans were as shocked as the Hargreeves to find his portrait hanging above the fireplace where it once lived Fives.

What was more shocking was that Sir Reginald and Ben seems to be alive in this new dimension. It’s unclear who else is on the Sparrow Academy crew, but fans have taken note of a mysterious green cube floating next to the shaded figures standing above Ben.

Steve Blackman has big plans for Sparrow Academy in season 3

Like any good showrunner is used to, Blackman has already started to thinkUmbrella Academy Season 3 – “if we have one,” he tells SyFy Wire.

“I also wanted to give [viewers] an incredible cliffhanger is that this is no longer their home. In “The End of Something,” fans discovered that the Umbrella Academy had ceased to exist. In its place was the Sparrow Academy.

“There’s a lot of detail in that scene,” Blackman continued. “We changed the emblems on the wall. I mean, everything is Sparrow now in this house. It was really important to us.

At the moment, there is little information about the Sparrow Academy. All we know is that Ben and five other people are part of the group, with the addition of a mysterious green cube.

Steve Blackman spoke to the Green Cube at Sparrow Academy

After seeing the last episode of Season 2, fans began to theorize what the Green Cube might mean for the Hargreeves siblings.

During an Ask-Me-Anything forum on Reddit, Blackman answered a few fan questions related to the Season 2 finale. When a fan asked, “What’s going on with the green cube no?” identified? Blackman’s response was simple.

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“His name is Christopher,” he wrote. Blackman said nothing more on the subject. But the fans had a lot of their own thoughts.

Fans are starting to theorize what the Green Cube could be – or who –

A fan on Reddit had a few theories that might explain the purpose of the Green Cube. One theory is that this could be ‘Grace’s replacement [or] Pogo. »

In Season 1, Grace and Pogo are killed when Vanya (Ellen Page) realizes the potential of her powers.

After seeing how the children of Umbrella Academy turned out, this fan believes Sir Reginald came up with a new and better authority figure for Sparrow Academy.

“After meeting Five, Reginald was forced to release more advanced technology in order to prepare for the special kids,” the fan explained. “Reginald clearly didn’t like the way Umbrella Academy turned out and having a strict AI cube as an authority figure in the lives of new children seems like a Reginald solution to what he perceived to be a failed counterpart.

This fan also thinks the green cube might be “an interesting parallel to Five”. Based on the theory that Sir Reginald was unhappy with the Umbrella Academy, he could have used cutting edge technology to make “better kids” or, in this case, a “better” Five.

The cube could be “advanced technology [capable of predicting] Five’s space / time jumps in combat, ”the fan wrote. ” [That] would be an interesting hurdle to overcome – if the Sparrow Academy turns out to be enemies [in season 3]. »

Fans will have to wait a while to find out the true meaning of the green cube.


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