What Liverpool offer Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez’s availability and internal transfer plans


Jurgen Klopp’s transfer plans to Liverpool this summer are slowly starting to take shape.The Reds will enter the Premier League season as defending champions and will be keen to retain their crown.

Liverpool have already strengthened their squad with the addition of left-back Kostas Tsimikas who will compete against Andy Robertson.

With just weeks to go before the transfer window, speculation continues to swirl over who might sign or even leave the Reds.

As such, we held a Q&A with Reds correspondent Paul Gorst to discuss all the key talking points at Anfield.

Below is a full transcript of the webchat:

I know it doesn’t really match the current FSG recruiting strategy, but Luis Suarez on a free? Isn’t he a bad player to have on the bench and cover up when needed?

PG: If you ask me, then imagine Suarez pulling off those relentless performances off the bench for a season or two. He would also thrive on this welcome if he returned. But you’re right, his profile isn’t exactly what the club or the owners are looking for. I would love to see it though.

The ‘fear’ of Van Dijk’s injury from yesterday, coupled with Matip’s (again) withdrawal and Gomez’s injury record suggest Liverpool could be in big trouble if Van Dijk miss some matches. What is the strategy for the role? A senior CB or an interior promotion?

PG: I think Liverpool need a main center-back to replace Lovren, there is no doubt about that. I think the club is looking but I would say they are relaxed at the moment. Matip has injury issues, yes. So that would leave them just two old people in Gomez and Van Dijk. It’s a priority for me. Hope someone can be brought in.

What’s the latest on Rhian Brewster, do you think he’ll be loaned out this season?

PG: Six PL clubs have contacted for a loan. The three relegated last term have also been in contact. Liverpool will take their time next month. The idea is that a European PL or top tier club would be best for Brewster, but his pre-season performances haven’t gone unnoticed, that’s for sure. I think he will be on loan, however. As is.

If Sancho stayed at Dortmund this summer, would Liverpool pursue him as a real target next season?

PG: I think if finances returned to what would be considered ‘normal’ and Sancho was still a Dortmund player, then yes I think LFC would take a look. The problem is the price Dortmund are currently charging.

Liverpool FC highlights

Hi Paul, you have said Thiago is not an active target for Liverpool. Have things changed since Melissa Reddy indicated there was interest from the club? Also, do you think Gini will cut his contract like Emre Can did? If that was the case, it would be a shame.

PG: I was recently told that there are currently no active discussions with Wijnaldum on a new contract. So as it stands, he would be in line to leave as a free agent next summer. Hopefully that changes as he is so vital to Klopp’s LFC. No change on Thiago’s front.

It looks like Messi is interested in playing for Guardiola. Does Liverpool have a chance, have the club even had a chance to think about it?

PG: Messi is desperate to win the CL again before he retires. Only Bayern Munich may offer a better chance than LFC at the moment. The sticking point would be wages. Messi earns £ 90million a year at Barcelona. A massive reduction should be taken. However, LFC will never have a better chance of signing him. I doubt they are in the running, unfortunately.

Georginio Wijnaldum of Liverpool during a training session

What about Gini?

PG: No active discussions with Wijnaldum as it stands.

What about Ben White? If he’s as good as people say, he could be a mainstay of our defense for the next decade.

PG: I have no doubts Ben White was spotted last season. Brighton reportedly recently turned down £ 30million from Leeds. Liverpool won’t pay that for a fourth-choice center-back. I haven’t seen enough of him to comment on his long-term abilities at Anfield.

Will Harry Wilson and Grujic be sold for good? What also happens with Shaq and do we rarely see him playing?

PG: Wilson and Grujic are both in the showcase but the club are no longer interested in further loan deals for these two. Shaqiri is really intriguing. It was said in January that the club had put an asking price on his head of around £ 25million. Seville and Rome were interested. If they can’t find a buyer, Klopp will be happy to keep him. There is no doubt that he did not contribute massively last season.

An interest in Aouar?

PG: It would be remiss of the club if he did not take an interest in him, as he is a class deed and so highly rated at 22, but the term “interest” is vague. I don’t think he’ll be a Liverpool player at the end of the transfer window.

Is there any truth in the Origi plus cash deal for Adama Traoré?

PG: This is an interesting question. Wolves adored Origi a few years ago, but he chose to stay at Anfield. I think the LFC should promote this one because Traore is one of their star men. Origi could prove to be a useful bargaining chip on this front, but Wolves still suspect they are asking for between £ 30m and £ 40m in addition to Origi.

Do you think Rhian Brewster and Curtis Jones got some strength-based first-team football?

PG: In Jones’ case, he can expect to showcase more this coming season, regardless of his postings over the summer. He will naturally fit into the void left by Lallana in the team. Brewster is different. A loan to a European PL or top-level team is currently being considered, but it has drawn attention in Austria.

Rhian Brewster celebrates in Salzburg

What about the links with Ismaila sarr? Is he an active target?

PG: Ismaila Sarr, I was recently told that someone is definitely being examined. Whether this turns into an official offer remains to be seen, but the LFC likes it. He has the right profile and has a high cap to improve. They could also benefit from Watford’s relegation.

Koumetio seems to be the one to watch and impressed me in the preseason. Even though he will stay with the U23s most of the time, do you see him getting a few minutes in the first team this year?

PG: I was talking to someone who was part of the trip to Austria this morning. It was said that everyone was so impressed with him during his stay. Koumetio is someone who might be able to feature on the bench in League and FA Cup matches, but believes that at 17 it’s a bit too early for him to start matches for Klopp. Center defenders generally mature a bit slower than attackers.

If we are not able to sell Grujic, would you think he will feature regularly for us this season? I really love him as a player and would love to give him a chance here.

PG: Not sure. He was Klopp’s first signing in January 2016 and he created 14 apps in total – the same ones he handled on a half-season loan from Cardiff. It’s now or never for him and I’m afraid it will be the latest.

Who do you think is the center-back that the club would go to after this summer? Can we see a signing like Klavan a few years ago?

PG: I think a Klavan-esque signing is probably the best way to see who might come in, in fact. I don’t think he’s going to be someone who can challenge Gomez regularly for the Van Dijk shirt. It may be another 12 months before the club sign a longer term option in the middle of the center.

Paul, how about Ben White’s chances?

PG: Confident he has been spotted but Brighton have reportedly turned down £ 30million offers from Leeds, I don’t see LFC going for a fourth-choice center-back at this price.

Hey Paul, now the club have a better idea of ​​cash prizes etc where the stadium expansion is in the landscape and when is the move to the new training facility expected to happen?

PG: The expansion of the Anfield Road stand has been postponed for 12 months, so work will start – according to this schedule – in December 2021. As for the new training ground, the LFC is relaxed as it makes full use of Melwood for another year. He shouldn’t be too late given the return to work in May, even though the workforce was downsized due to the covid crisis.


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