Wetherspoons to expand Eat Out to Help Out program with “meals cheaper than McDonald’s”


Pub operator JD Wetherspoon is kicking off a new discounted dining program on Tuesday, as the Chancellor’s Eat Out to Help Out initiative ends across the UK.The move will see prices on a range of reduced meals and drinks from Monday through Wednesday through November 11.

The cheaper prices will start on September 1, after the government’s campaign to encourage people to eat out by subsidizing meals in August ends.

Wetherspoon said the prices for some of its meals and drinks would be cheaper than those available to take out.

Meals on offer will include an 11-inch Margherita pizza with a soft drink for £ 3.99 and a classic six-ounce beef burger meal for £ 3.99.

A traditional breakfast will cost £ 2.99 and a breakfast £ 2.49.

The pubs will also offer three small plates for £ 7.50 and mini desserts at 99p.

Diners and restaurateurs called for an extension of the campaign to all levels

There will be a choice of 21 small plates across all three for £ 7.50, including nachos, halloumi fries, chicken wings and nine varieties of pizza.

Coffee or tea will be available for 99p, and all soft drinks will cost 99p.

Alcohol will not be included in any of the new offers.

President Tim Martin said the program has been “extremely popular” since August 1.

“The government’s Eat Out to Help Out program has been extremely popular with our customers and has provided a huge boost to the hospitality industry,” said the founder of Wetherspoon.

A traditional breakfast will cost £ 2.99 and a breakfast £ 2.49

“We are committed to providing our customers with a superb choice of food and drink at excellent value for money.

“Our offer means that a classic beef burger in our pubs will be even cheaper than McDonald’s.

“The Classic Wetherspoon Burger is £ 3.99 compared to the average McDonald’s Big Mac Meal (including Big Mac two 1.6 oz beef patties, medium fries, medium Coca-Cola Zero Sugar) which costs 4 , £ 59.

“In addition, the cappuccino in our pubs will be 50p cheaper than that at McDonald’s and our customers can also have free refills.

“Our prices are also lower than Domino’s Pizza for an 11 inch pizza.

“The 11-inch Margherita pizza and soft drink are £ 3.99 at Wetherspoon versus Domino’s Pizza two 11.5-inch pizza toppings (without drink) at £ 5.99.

“An 11.5-inch Domino’s Pizza Mighty Meaty pizza costs £ 9.99 (without drink) compared to the Wetherspoon Spicy Meat Feast at £ 5.99 (including soft drink), a saving of £ 4. ”

Diners and restaurateurs have called for an expansion of the Eat Out to Help Out campaign nationwide, as Rishi Sunak’s subsidized program ends on Monday holiday.

Downing Street said more than 64 million meals have been claimed so far since the initiative was launched to boost the hospitality industry in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

84,000 points of sale have registered, according to the latest published Treasury statistics.


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