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Spoilers are for Big Brother 22’s first round with the PoV contest now over and the HGs ready to start plotting and planning what might happen next. Read on for spoilers to see who holds the power to change HOH nominees.

Performing this week we had Cody as HOH plus Keesha and Kevin, the names then selected to play were Enzo (Kevin’s HG Choice), Tyler and Ian. Would the Names get the win they needed to kick off Cody’s HOH week? Let’s see…

Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Contest Results:

  • Enzo won the veto power!

Well, there’s the old school Big Brother winning a competition here to make up for Cody’s victory at HOH. Now the question is whether Enzo would use it to save Keesha or Kevin. What do you think? Who goes up if Keesha goes down? Is Enzo going to get the boat moving in week 1 or does he want to keep things calm? There is a lot to play with this decision. Let’s keep watching and see what HG’s planning next.

Looks like it was the ‘stacking comp’ titled ‘Peelaton’ as players mounted a banana and had pieces of fruit to place and accumulate in a pile while keeping a close eye on the clock to avoid timing. We’ve seen this in various forms before and will see it again in Wednesday’s episode. Speaking of which, the next BB22 show is taking place on Sunday evening, so don’t miss it! Meanwhile, we return to watching HGs on the Feeds.

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