Website error leaves Calgary fan with $ 600 bill for 50/50 tickets


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According to the rules of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis electronic raffle, “the draw must be announced to the public and take place before the end of the entertainment event or as soon as possible.

The winning numbers were initially due to be posted no later than 11:30 p.m. Friday.

Edmonton and the entire province of Alberta have been raffling mad since the NHL relaunched its season delayed by a pandemic in the city last week. Monday’s raffle reached $ 3.2 million, followed by a pot of $ 5.4 million on Wednesday.

Many Albertans have spent the past two days complaining on social media about the technical difficulties.

Twitter user Megan Oppel wrote: “We tried to buy tickets and it kept going and we ended up getting charged six times, but we only wanted to buy one. set of tickets. Fix it now !!!!! I want my money back. ”

John Krug wrote: “We kept getting error messages while shopping online, and ended up being charged $ 340 when we intended to purchase $ 70 worth of tickets. You have to pay this back! ”

Previously, people wishing to participate in the raffle were not able to load the purchase screen. Some users were denied access because the system did not recognize their computer or other device as being in Alberta.

Connelly is not sure whether to go through the refund process.

“I guess I can keep the tickets at $ 600 and I hope I’m the one who spent the most money,” she laughs.

“I’m glad they were able to get so much money and help the organization… but it’s really disheartening that this has happened. Now I think a lot of people will want their money back.


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