Watch Sufjan Stevens’ video for the new song “Video Game”


It is unfortunate that we live in a society where the value of people is quantified by likes, followers, listeners and opinions. So many people seek attention for the wrong reasons. I think we should all do our best without looking for honors or awards.The main advantage of “video games” for me is: your (priceless) value should never be based on the approval of others (fleeting). Be yourself. Keep your feet on the ground. Keep moving. Do all things with absolute purity, love, and joy. And always do your best.

Jalaiah embodies all of this and I am truly inspired by her. So I thought, “What if we could get Jalaiah to star in a ‘dance video’ about not wanting to star in a ‘dance video’? I am so honored that she accepted. She clearly owns it and her work here is beautiful, touching and true.


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