Watch angry motorcyclist purposely spank Tesla Model 3 mirror


This TeslaCam video captures the moment a raging motorcyclist on the road decides to strike the mirror of a Tesla Model 3. The mirror appears to survive the strike, but the motorcyclist walks away, thus fleeing the scene.This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a motorcyclist intentionally hit the mirror of a Tesla, and it won’t be the last. In this case, everything is happening so fast (and the video quality is quite poor) that we cannot distinguish the license plate of the offending motorcycle.

Typically, when we see a video like this, the first question is: what did the Tesla driver do to deserve this? Well, in this case we don’t see the Model 3 pilot doing anything wrong. The Tesla is in the HOV lane and passes traffic. The only problem may be that the autopilot hugs the right side of the lane, which in turn leads the rider to believe the Tesla is preventing him from the legal act of lane sharing.

This theory was brought up and discussed in a previous similar incident. Here is the question / answer detailing that in the comments of that previous YouTube video:

Question: The only thing I can think of is that you were too close to the lane on the right. If you were using the autopilot, it usually is. When I split the lanes, most Tesla cars are close to the split lane and it’s hard to pass you. Or, as someone once said, you’ve met this guy before. Did you grab his license plate?

Reply: I tested this autopilot theory, and I think you are right, and no the camera could not get the license plate, it was not clear, it happened so fast before that i could realize what had happened it was far away but thanks now i know what happened.

This is just a reminder to note that autopilot can make you look like a pilot hugging the line, so beware.

This new video was recorded in Los Angeles where lane sharing is legal. The video description simply says:

My Tesla Model 3 is deliberately hit by a guy on a motorcycle. It happened in Los Angeles on the 105 eastbound around 7 a.m. on 7/31/20. Not provoked.


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