Waitrose signs Deliveroo for fast food delivery


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Waitrose has signed an agreement with takeout company Deliveroo to provide customers with expedited service from its stores to their homes.

The supermarket has announced plans to launch a 12-week trial from September 1.

Households will be able to choose from over 500 Waitrose products.

This move reflects Waitrose’s goal of forming partnerships that make its products readily available.

“This gives us the opportunity to give our customers a taste of what the future of convenience store might look like for us,” said James Bailey, executive director of Waitrose.

The trial will begin at stores in Bracknell and Clifton, followed by Surbiton, Cambridge and Notting Hill on September 3.

This coincides with the end of Waitrose’s 18-year relationship with online delivery company Ocado, which will begin selling M&S food from September 1.

Waitrose said if the trial – which it hopes will encompass more than half a million households – goes well, it expects to expand it to more places.

Consumer and retail expert Kate Hardcastle told the BBC she believes the partnership is a sign of the times as working from home becomes more prevalent and established brands like Waitrose seize realize that they must adapt to changing customer demands.

“I think what that means is, let’s learn from someone who has more experience in this area,” she said.

“It gives a lot of ability, as well as a lot of knowledge and that’s what Waitrose needs. ”

Deliveroo has partnered with other supermarkets, including Aldi and M&S, in recent months to deliver groceries to customers’ homes.


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