Vince McMahon told me the fans who sang “Rusev Day” laughed at me


Rusev recently appeared on the Ryback podcast and detailed Vince McMahon’s reaction to the chants of “Rusev Day”. According to Rusev, Vince McMahon told him fans laughed at him when they chanted “Rusev Day”.“I had a conversation with Vince and he told me that with Rusev Day they were laughing at me, they didn’t mean it,” Rusev said on the show.

“In my mind, I knew it wasn’t true,” Rusev continued. “They started putting in my segments early so the ‘Rusev Day’ vocals would go away. I wasn’t even supposed to be on WrestleMania, the year I lost to Jinder.

Aiden English also recently commented on his reaction to hearing Vince McMahon’s interpretation of the crowd chants.

Maria Kanellis also responded to news of Vince’s reaction to Rusev’s day carols.

Maria, Aiden English and Rusev were all released from their WWE contracts in April during an ongoing global pandemic.

Rusev then went on to talk about Vince’s reaction to the sale of the Rusev Day shirts. According to Rusev, Vince believed they were only sold because they were not making enough.

“When Vince said the second time, ‘they’re fucking with you,’ I said, ‘Vince, we’ve used up all of our merchandise.’ ‘What do you mean?’ “The shirt is sold out. “Well, maybe they didn’t earn enough. “They haven’t made enough shirts, that’s why he’s exhausted?” Not because we’re doing good? Really?’ ”

A link to the podcast with Ryback and Rusev can be found here.


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