Victoria’s party host calls for $ 2,300 fine for breaking COVID-19 rules ‘a bunch of BS’


A man from Victoria has said he will fight the $ 2,300 fine he received over the weekend for hosting a party at his one-bedroom apartment which police said was so packed that the windows were fogged up.Nate Christian, 20, said he had done nothing wrong and could not understand why he was fined for violating the province’s public health orders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I had a party, man. Not even a party, it was like a meeting place. And everyone is mad at me for that, ”Christian told CHEK News.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with this, I just think it’s a bunch of BS”

Victoria Police said the man received a warning the first time he visited his apartment in the Fort Street block on Friday evening. They say they returned twice more that night, eventually finding the apartment full of 30 people who did not practice physical distancing.

In a press release, police said the apartment was hot and moisture had condensed on the windows.

Police believe as many as 60 people attended the party that night and say the host did not document the guests and their contact details, which is needed for research purposes if anyone contracts the COVID-19.

The host was fined for breaking the COVID-19 Measures Act and received an additional victim fine surcharge of $ 300.

Christian has a different version of events.

Victoria Police said the host of the party received a warning when he first visited his apartment in the Fort Street block on Friday night. (CHEK News)

Health officials encourage physical distancing and socialization outdoors

He said there were only 15 people in the apartment when the police returned and he was monitoring the guests.

“I was following the rules, I gave everyone hand sanitizers, I wrote down everyone’s name and I showed the cops this and everything and they didn’t care,” a- he said.

“The cops really don’t like me… they’re still at my nursery.” ”

Police were back at the apartment on Sunday after receiving a noise complaint. This time, another person was arrested and fined $ 230 for obstructing police and violating public health orders.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 cases steadily increased in British Columbia in August. On Tuesday, 58 more cases were announced, with 22 people in hospital, including seven in intensive care.

Throughout the summer, Dr.Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Administrator, urged British Columbians to take physical distancing seriously, saying it was one of the first lines of defense against the transmission of disease.

She encouraged people to organize small social gatherings outside.

Christian said he understood why people were crazy and he was sorry for the problem, but said he would fight in court anyway. He said he would be “much more careful” with the rules next time around.

He is evicted at the end of the month and is looking for new accommodation, he added.

“Probably somewhere closer to the outskirts, where I can do my own thing without the police interfering with my life,” Christian said.

“I feel like I have the right to have fun with a few friends. “


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