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Victoria Milestones downtown employee tests positive for COVID-19

Restaurant sanitized, several staff quarantined as a precaution, company president says

An employee of the Milestones restaurant in downtown Victoria has tested positive for COVID-19.

On Thursday August 20, a staff member at the Wharf Street Milestones site informed management of a positive coronavirus test result after being tested the day before, said Doug Smith, president of Milestones Grill and Bar, August 22.

Smith explained that the employee’s last shift was Saturday, August 15, and that they began to experience symptoms the following Wednesday and requested a COVID-19 test. He noted that the company had taken action and followed all protocols established by the provincial government and Island Health. As a precaution, all other employees who may have come into contact with the ill staff member have been quarantined and will not return to work for two weeks or until they have received a negative test result. , did he declare.

The interior of the Inner Harbor restaurant was closed to the public on Friday, while a professional cleaning crew sanitized the dining area, although the outdoor patio remained open. The dining room reopened on Saturday morning.

Smith noted that the employee allegedly contracted the virus outside of the restaurant while spending time with friends from the mainland. He added that company policy requires staff to wear masks and the employee with COVID-19 is not a server, so “any risk of onward transmission is extremely low.”

The company “continues to monitor the situation closely” and has provided contact tracing information to Island Health. Smith said it was up to health officials to determine whether customers should be contacted.

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