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It’s the day of the veto power ceremony in the Big Brother All-Stars house! Enzo nominated Kevin and Kaysar for the eviction this week on Big Brother 22 with Kaysar being his primary target. However, there is a chance that Kaysar could stay in Big Brother’s house depending on what happens during the POV ceremony.

With Kevin winning this week’s Power of Veto contest, Enzo’s plan to have Kevin on the block next to Kaysar on Thursday is no longer an option. There have been discussions of many different options, but there is only one route Enzo is considering taking. The sure.

Enzo has talked a lot about backdooring Ian this week, but it was only an option if Kaysar won the POV and retired. Kaysar is still the primary target even though the names change.

Last night, after the wall howled, there were discussions about how dangerous Dani is inside the house and how she is planting seeds with everyone. However, Enzo thinks it’s too crazy and too early in the game to tip this boat.

The last option is the safe option and probably the one that Enzo will actually perform. Noel volunteered to go on the block next to his new BB Bestie, Kaysar. She is convinced that she will be safe and that Kaysar will be the one to return home.

While there has been a lot of talk between Dani and Nicole and Bay and Day about how dangerous Christmas is as they progress through the game, I expect them to stick with the plan. Kaysar deported this week, but would not. Would it be fun if they didn’t?

I expect Enzo to stick with the Christmas renown plan in place of Kevin unless something big happens between now and the POV ceremony. Stay tuned for a confirmation later today!

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