Utah’s coronavirus cases climb to 458 on Saturday, with another hospitalization linked to school outbreak


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With 458 new coronavirus cases reported on Saturday, the rate of new cases in Utah increased slightly, but remained below the governor’s target of less than 400 cases per day on a seven-day average.

Over the past week, Utah recorded an average of 366 new positive test results per day, the Utah Department of Health reported on Saturday. Gov. Gary Herbert had said he wanted the state to drop below 400 new cases a day by September 1 – and just two days away, new cases would need to continue to rise to miss that target.

Hospitalizations did not change significantly on Saturday, with 119 patients from Utah admitted simultaneously, UDOH reported. On average, 124 patients have been treated in Utah hospitals each day over the past week – continuing a decline from the peak average of 211 inpatients each day at the end of July.

A total of 3,057 patients have been hospitalized in Utah for COVID-19, 16 more than Friday.

Statewide, Utah’s positive test rate has been above 5% since May 25, according to UDOH data.

There were 2,815 new test results reported on Saturday, below the weeklong average of 4,028 new tests per day. Demand for testing has been declining since late July, state officials and hospital administrators said; by mid-July, the state was reporting an average of more than 7,000 new test results per day.

Utah’s death toll from the coronavirus was 407 on Saturday, the same as Friday.

Since the opening of public schools on August 13, there have been outbreaks in seven schools, affecting 54 patients, with one new outbreak, eight new cases and one new hospitalization reported in the past day. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 99 patients infected in 18 school outbreaks, with an average age of 18. Six of these patients were hospitalized; none are dead.

By population, the virus appears to be spreading the fastest in Utah County, where there have been, on average, 16.5 new cases per day per 100,000 population, over the past week. Utah County is followed by Salt Lake County, with 13.3 new cases per day per 100,000 population, and then Summit County, where new cases are slowing after an outbreak in August at a private party.

The virus also appears to be becoming more prevalent in Davis County, where the average number of new cases has dropped from 25 per day to 36 per day over the past week and a half – or from seven to 10 new cases per day, for 100,000 people. .

Out of 51,406 Utahns who tested positive for COVID-19, 43,342 are considered “cured”, meaning they survived at least three weeks after being diagnosed.


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